Jumat, 22 September 2017

Understanding About Words In The World Of Carding

Understanding About Words In The World Of CardingOkay This time I will discuss a little about Carding .. 
Maybe already a lot of articles in uncle sugiono eh uncle google means: v that discuss about credit card carding.Dan this time I will share about the terms in Carding .. 

RTM = Return to merchant 

SM = Security Mersuare 

PS = Phone Sex / Phone Security

Have Card = No Card Have 

DC = Decline 

Seed = Done / Out of Balance 

PP / PPL = PayPal ( You are sure: p) 

Balance = The contents of PP / CC

Suspend = stopped shiped / order 

Shipping Track = Delivery Number 

Die = Die

Wrong List = Wrong list (Can email, pass) wrong in login

Sent = Sending

Received = Received

Sent Balance = Sending Balance

Received Balance = Received Balance

CC = Credit Card

BTC = Bitcoin

SC = Security Code

VPS = Virtual Private Server

VPN = Virtual PRivate Network

Limit / Limited = One temporary account can not do anything in PayPal except
send data.

Deposit = Enter / save

WD / Withdraw = Attracting money

Phishing = A fake website that traps someone to get data
their information

Carder = A criminal who always uses someone else's credit card shopping

Carding = Doing a crime job

Card = Card

CCV / CVC = Credit Card security code

VV = Verified by visa

Order = Sort of Booking something and ready to pay

WU = Wetern Union

Dork = Code to search for specific website weaknesses

All of me hopefully useful.