Jumat, 22 September 2017

Type of Carding Method Many Use

Type of Carding Method Many UseCarding a phenomenon in this modern era that continues to run. Many people who want to learn carding through blog blog or tutorial website that exist in Google. They all want to do carding in an instant way. in carding there is no such thing The instant path should all go through the phase stages. 
people who just want to do carding for sure they want to also get immediate results at that moment I am sure the results will not be maximal. To start carding we must know the outline of the method used in carding following the carding method. 

1. Dumping

Dumping or often called ngedump. Ngedump one of the methods in carding. Judging from the name Dump which means to issue, issued here means is to remove the entire contents of a web database. Removing the entire contents of the data base does not necessarily directly damage the data base. Because in the tool we use, the tool only displays the existing data in the database. Ok, what the hell are we looking for in that DB? What we are looking for is the cc data. But if there is a user & admin password, you can also log into the web then it's up what you want to do. 


SQL Injection Technique 

The advantage of dumping is that we can retrieve all the contents of the victim web database. Example: Email, user, admin password, or other data. 

It takes quite a long time, because we scanning one by one web. 

2. Spamming 

Spamming or often called spam. This technique is a technique that is often used at this time because jumping technique According to others it is more difficult and takes a lot of time. Spamming means we spam other people's emails containing a letter that invites the person to login to our web scampage. But before spamming of course we will need email email. so we need a web that in its data base there are many emails, email can we extract and can be in spamming.

If victim is interested in our letter in email, and vic login into the scampage then later will appear the data result that is directly sent to our email. 

1. Domain 
2. Hosting 
3. Scampt Scampage 
4. Letter 
5. SMTP 
6. Mailer 
7. Mailist 

* If all is fulfilled we just sit sweet and wait for the result to come to our email. 
* Does not take a long time 
* No need tired, tired nyari doang combat tool. 

hard to get weapon combat, if want easy to have capital buy the above combat tool.Actually there is a way to simplify Spamming ie you must learn deface first. 

3. Logger

Logger is a data recording technique. So if there is a web shop that provides payment by using cc / pp. There we can add a script logger, The script will record the data cc / pp incoming. Of course to be able to ngelog a web shop we must penetrate securitynya first with 3xploi7 / deface techniques laiinnya. 

An example of this logger is the exploit magento Add Admin. In one of these exploits we can add a script logger. at ease with our status as "Satan Admin". 

Script Logger Techniques 

If the logger is installed we just sit just sitting alone. Later result will come alone. 

deficiency :
We have to find first where the location of anu anu paymentnya, if found a new logger can be installed there. 

If the web admin is aware of our logger, then immediately disked wkwkw 

4. Soceng 

Soceng or social engineering. This method is a method of human deception only, that is fooling others. As we say if you incorrectly enter "this" in your paypal account, here I benerin. If successful he will give his paypal data. and we can tackle the utik deh itunya.This method is often used by ripper bangs * at. Therefore we must be clever choose partner 

cloningan account, foresight, create a strong temptation etc 

there is no lack of keknya keknya 

The risk is huge, because we are dealing directly with the person. 

5. Malak 

Open fesbuk, clay mastah continue to chat him: "Mastah for cc dong" / "mastah ajarin carding dong" 
 That is also in the same read mastah wkwkw. 
This type is usually used by many campret children. 

So Many Kinds of Carding Methods Used, in outline. hopefully can add your information all.