Jumat, 22 September 2017

Tips and Tricks Carding for Beginners

Tips and Tricks Carding for Beginners - Carding designation in a person or group that uses someone else's credit card in conducting online transactions. 
If someone is going to start carding, but do not know anything about how to carding here I will give some Tips and Tricks carding itself. 

For a beginner should be very important to know where the point to watch out for when doing a carding activity, because if not one day will do things that harm yourself and the people around him. 
Well see some Tips and Tricks for carding: 

- Do not do carding on website shop online indonesia. Like doing a transaction on webshop lazada, bukalapak DLL.
Why do I suggest so, So that your identity is not easy to obtain. 

- Do not do carding with victim of Indonesia own person. 
Why I suggest so, we know that your identity will not be easy to get. 

- In every carding, always use VPN. Like the HMA VPN, VIP72 DLL. 
Why do I suggest so, To prevent your IP (Internet Protocol network) unknown. 

- It is strictly prohibited to provide proof of your address to anyone. 
Why I suggest so, Because the virtual world is never expected by anyone. 

- Join the various groups / forums about carding. Thus you will get various types of information about the world of carding.

- It's not so fast to get results, but do not ever intend to deceive or commonly called by doing ripper action. 

- Do not tell anyone if you have done carding. 
Why I suggest so, Because your self-esteem will be considered low by anyone who knows it. 

- If you do not know anything about carding, you should ask someone who has done carding first. Whether through the existing group / forums or articles you find, like in Cyber World Crime article this time :)

From some tips and tricks above, hopefully my friend kang karding can follow because the article I wrote this time is very important than you later have obtained the results of carding. And ignore her. 
Pretty soon until here Tips and Tricks Carding for Beginners , hopefully this article you can continue to apply until you want to stop the carding action.