Jumat, 22 September 2017

Secure Carding Tips

Secure Carding Tips - Based on personal experience  

1. Make sure ente all can hide themselves well, recommendation from ane better use proxy (socks). VPN ga bener2 ane saranin.
2. Do not use the card more than 1k, if you use more than 1k usually have credit cards on the phone before tranksaksi running.
3. For the best period of use cc in europe area that is usually around the date 15-17, because usually the owner just get the financial document
4. Goods should never be sent to their own home, preferably by dropper.
5. Never use personal email.
6. Do not give a big mouth. Keep Silent and look at the result  
7. hindarin gpembayaran through CC gateway, usually the system will give a report to the original CC owner
8. If do lakuin money laundering, search for buyers first, kalo udah new goods deal is sent

In point 1, why does ane say ga VP, because VPN companies usually cooperate with the law and usually if you've severe IP address will be in serahin to the authorities
Well so many tips from ane, ane just want to share aja more apologized. 

Big Thanks, Keep Share