Jumat, 22 September 2017

Learn Carding With PayPal Scampage

Learn Carding With PayPal Scampage - In Learning Cardig Things that need to be prepared in finding CC with paypal scampage techniques are as follows:


Mailist or email list that will be our scampage target, how to get mailist is by way of dump database website. I usually use sql dumper software. Minimal 100k email list. To speed up the dump process, use RDP.


Use hosting with weak security, do not use hosting that "premium" will be very risky, easy kedetect. Use a minimum 2gb ram vps. Buy VPS to person carding also let me get cheaper.


Domain .COM is still "smelling" the word paypal.


Scampage paypal script that joss for domains not easily detected.


Is the contents of the email sent to the target dump result.

Doing Spam Process

Assuming all of the above is available, upload the script to the hosting, test by visiting our scampage site. Fill until finished, check email whether the result scampage can enter what guns. If the result of our email entry means that the scampage is ready.Now nah bait nebar bait / spam email: D

There are 3 ways I used to use, the first with how to install the script mailer to hosting people (the result of inject). Or the hosting / personal vps that installed the mailer.Never install mailers on the same IP as our IP scampage. Can-can result ga entry to email, this is because the server is used for easy down mailer.

the latter Buy SMTP to others, before paying the test first whether SMTP work what not. Before spam do send spam to personal email, if sign in is ready spam.