Jumat, 22 September 2017

How to Success Carding in Android

How to Success Carding in Android - How to Success Carding in Android - Android can be an application in carding, from searching or collecting ammunition or execute ammunition by shopping online and so forth. 

The advantage of carding through android is, able to do every person who wants to learn carding because today the majority of the population of our country average - already have android (HP) but Laptops / Computers. In addition you can also do carding wherever and whenever you want. 

The materials themselves simply install VPN (Virtual Private Network) and RDP (Remote Desktop Connection). Of course Kang Karding's buddy already know how to get it material - materials like this is not.

Continue how to be successful in carding on android ?? This method does not allow you to succeed soon but if you continue to be successful will be successful. 

Check out some input that I will give, among them:
- Install VPN and RDP on your android via PlayStore. 

- To get RDP access you must buy first (if not already). 

- Go to the cybercafe (for those of you who do not have their own computer), to collect other materials such as SQL Dumper, Havij, Deliver Email sender, Ultra Mailer, DLL and then save it on your RDP. 

- If my friend confused to download where the above material can be directly visited on the download file in this website . 

- Make the process of collecting ammunition should be when you are diwarnet. 

- After ammunition has accumulated execution through your android, where and whenever you like. 

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