Jumat, 22 September 2017

How to learn to develop dork carding

How to learn to develop dork carding - Dork is a technique and at the same time a trick that is used in searching websites that are vulnerable to errors and the most in search is the error that reads as below.

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\' 'at line 1

Maybe there are many loopholes in addition to error messages like the above to hack a website easily, Dork can be in a word is a valuable piece of art value because to make dork need enough experience because to make it is not easy as we reverse the two hands simultaneously .
Lots of who spread dork google but do not know what that meant by dork, they just spread the information they can by copying paste with no clear purpose for what he gave the dork.

The type of dork I often use in developing dork in google search engine:

Inurl: is the website we are headed for, this is inurl may be (') this is a trick to see if the website is vuln or not.
Intext: the words we are addressing, this can include everything we know, for example.
Site: Address of the country we are going to, in terms of developing dork the most settings in use is the UK ie, Site: "UK"
You can replace Uk into the domain of all countries according to your heart and needs.
.php? xx =: End of an inurl or website address we are headed.

1. Developing inurl
2. Develop intext
3. Developing Site
4. Developing .php? Xxx =

1. Examples of inurl: "shopping"
    You can replace with other words like:

 2. Example intext: "paypal" [a word that is often used to do carding pp]
    You can replace with other words like:
1.Master Card
4. Amex 
5. discover
intext not always fixated on a credit card like pp / cc, Need to remember for dork, you do not have to use it all in search in google
As inurl: "content" .php? Id = "intext:" paypal "Site:" UK "      
[Usually if we add Site but there is no intext there will be no website available]
So you can remove one between intext and site. 

3. Example Site: "us"
    You can replace with other words like:
1. UK
2. COM
3. SG
4. MY
5. KR
6. NET 
7. GR 
8. etc (country code)

4. Example .php? Id = "
    You can replace with other words like:
1. .php? A = "
2. .php? CartID = "
3.php? Category_id = "
4. .php? Action = "
5. .php? Prodid = "

example dork developed:

inurl: .php? prodid = intext: paypal site: us

please learn to develop yourself: D