Jumat, 22 September 2017

How To Carding Amazon

How To Carding Amazon - Well let me explain them through two methods I always use. And the things you need are:

  • CVV2 to address, Full Name, Tel, Zip, City, and State cc.
  • You need 4 or 5 socks which is a CC state (I hope the city) and these socks should not be used before to create an amazon account.
  • You need a program to clear cookies, I'll let you know at the end of the guide.

First Method

Well, first go to Amazon. Then create an account using socks. Now you should act like a normal buyer. Amazon will review everything even though it seems stupid, but it is something we need to do to give the Amazon card. Now, come back and come back in a few hours. This time, you need to delete everything in the shopping cart - this is how any new buyer is likely to perform and you should act like them. Now, here we go for the first carding session. For the first time, you need to add an item totaling between $ 30 to $ 100.

Use your CC to pay for items on Amazon. At this point, you may need to wait for Amazon to approve your order. Wait 5 minutes and you need to send an email to Amazon's support informing you that you need the item as soon as possible because your child .... (just gives a reasonable excuse) for them to speed up orders.

Depending on what time it is, they will usually call you back soon - "We'll check your order soon and send it in. If they tell you they need to dial the account number, you have to make sure that luck is on you so no one answers the phone , then you can tell them that you changed the phone but have not updated it with CC, and have them call your other phone.

After the first, your account will become more trustworthy and now you can place orders between $ 500- $ 800. Now, get Fresh CC and card again until your account is banned or blocked. Try to stay under $ 2000 every time you try to stuff.

Second Method

Just as above, you need to create an account using socks. This is easier and I use it often. However, this is less effective than the first method.

First, buy a very cheap item at a cost of about $ 2.00 (Sometimes, it's important not to ask for a quick delivery - ie Next Day Delivery). Try to ask for the cheapest and slowest delivery at the moment. And once your order is approved, similar to the first method, your account can be trusted.

I recommend using FedEx as your delivery method because the security is less than the UPS.

Once done, you can start carding in the range of $ 600- $ 800. Anytime, I do not recommend you to order items between $ 200- $ 500 as more suspicious to Amazon.

NOTE: If you can find an Amazon account seller, it's better because the account is already a trustworthy account and this will help your card succeed.

Very important:

You need to clean your PC, Flash cookie, MAC address, everything! Here are the programs for cleaning Flash cookies: http://www.flashcookiecleaner.com/