Jumat, 22 September 2017

Easy Ways to Become Online Hacking Game With Carding Technique

Easy Ways to Become Online Hacking Game With Carding Technique - One technique is very big influence in the word hack for someone who will learn hacking, because carding has a very understanding of having an interrelation with online games.

This technique you can use or run through a computer or via android / HP in each - each to be able to do the process in learning to be hacking using carding techniques.

The first step, which must be my friend take is to have the materials - materials to be able to do the hacking on online games this we can mention with cheats trick on one online game, for example, we take on the game Playstore "Zynga Poker". Then what materials should be needed.

1. Have a Gmail Account
2. Have a Facebook Account
3. Have Credit Card / Credit Card (Carding Result)

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The second step, after my friend has the material above, his friend has already got the target online game that will be the activity in my friend doing the process of learning to be a successful hacking even a great hacker or beginner even have to have this second step.

Well here we take the target for carding online games through the Playstore app is in Zynga Poker online game. Visit Playstore and install Zynga Poker online game.

Third step, Link credit card into the gmail account you have. By adding a credit card to your payment method.

The fourth step, After installing the game finished login using facebook account that has been buddy prepare before.

The fifth step, click shop on the menu in Zynga Poker game then submit the product and pay by credit card carding techniques that have been linked to the previous gmail account.

The sixth step, If successful means my friend has been able to do the hacking process through carding techniques and if otherwise do repeatedly - over and over again to be successful in doing hacking on online games.

Okay so easy way from me, Do not forget to comment and share, it's enough night time now hihi until you meet again next article