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16 List Movie About Hacker


Om Braed - As technology grows, especially the Internet, crime is now not only happening in the real world, but also in the invisible world. There have been many crime cases that affect various countries due to the actions of hackers. Not infrequently also from the hackers who were caught while doing the action and ended up to make up for his mistake in prison.

However, it is undeniable that the action they do is cool. It is becoming the fruit of attention for filmmakers in various countries, especially Hollywood. As follows, Om Braed has summarized some of the titles that took the theme into a list of the best hacker movies ever in the history of cinema. Anything?

1. THE MATRIX (1999)


Om Braed first film recommendation is The Matrix, a science fiction genre directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski is capable of being one of the best films as it is marked by four Oscar awards earned by The Matrix. The famous hacker film released in 1999 tells a hacker who is trying to free humanity from the pseudo-influenced life of the machine.

Thomas Anderson as the main character who has a pseudonym Neo joined forces with rebel Morpheus and wanted to destroy the system of The Matrix with every effort. Can Neo with his team liberate mankind from the influence of The Matrix?

2. WHO AM I (2014)

Who Am I: No System Is Safe is a hacker-themed movie that you should watch. The film produced in Germany is starring Tom Schiling, Elyas M'Barek, and Wotan Wilke who are members of the world's most hunted hacker organization because of the expertise of its members.

Benjamin (Tom Schiling) originally served as a teenager who was often excommunicated and bullied by his school friends. Benjamin's life has changed since meeting with Max (Elyas M'Braek) and Stephan (Wotan Wilke) who needed Benjamin's ability to hack world-renowned sites and be invited to join CLAY. Finally CLAY became the most secret and most sought-after Europe Interpol hacker group. The battle in cyberspace among fellow hackers must involve them in such a complicated matter, especially in the tracking of a figure named Mr. X.

3. 23 (1998)

The coolest hacker movie produced by Jacob Clau and Thomas W. This takes the backdrop of a true story experienced by a young hacker named Karl Korch who died mysteriously and was considered suicidal in 1989. The film about this German hacker tells the story of the lunge Karl Korch as a young 19-year-old hacker who notices the chaos of the cold war world.

Together with his friend, Karl discovered the background of political and economic power in the world that ultimately led them to believe there was a conspiracy theory going on in the world and they wanted to uphold justice by hacking the network sites of the world by spying on KGB activity. Will Karl and his colleagues be able to strive to uphold the disappeared justice?


Who does not know the action hacker movie Die Hard? In this fourth sequel, Len Wiseman who acts as a director bruce Bruce Willis as the main character. The film which was released in 2007 ago is still one of the most popular movie nuanced hacker. The story in the film that tells the hacker began when Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) who felt discarded while on duty at the NSA for his unappreciated work.

Since then, Thomas has recruited professional hackers and aims to paralyze all existing computer networks throughout the United States. Unfortunately, Mat Farrel (Justin Long) as one of his subordinates even defected and instead helped John McClane (Bruce Willis) and the FBI in catching his leader who was none other than Thomas Gabriel.

5. WARGAMES (1983)


Although it has been a very long release but Om Braed still recommend this best movie hacker for you to watch because it has a very dear story to miss. In addition to bringing the tension and the ability of a qualified hacking, this movie also combines humor that is funny and looks natural. Bergenre science fiction, this game's hacker movie tells of a young retas expert named David Lightman who likes to play video games.

While being engrossed in game play, David accidentally had hacked military programs that are able to predict the end of the cold war and which marks the beginning of the 3rd world war. Together with his girlfriend, David tries to tell the government about it in order to keep the world peace just created.

6. CYBERBULLY (2015)

Cyberbully is Ben Chanan's film which was released in 2015. The film that lasted about 62 minutes is a real picture of juvenile delinquency is increasingly prevalent. The film, starring Maisie Williams is about Megan who wants to defend his best friend, Casey, because of comments made by his ex.

Megan asks Alex for help as a hacker but Alex does not want to. Shortly when he launched his efforts to help Casey, Megan got a site address that could hack Nathan account that turned out the site's address was sent by a hacker who liked it. The story gets more exciting when hackers are impressed by the psychopath threatens Megan if she rejects something she wants.

7. SWORDFISH (2001)

Swordfish is a film about computer hackers who can be considered the most stressful and also impressive. Dominic Sena who is appointed as director in this most popular hacker film is able to describe the story written by Skip Wood so well. The film, released in 2001, stars best actor John Travolta and is accompanied by renowned actor Hugh Jackman and an actress named Halle Bery.

As a powerful hacker, Stanley (Hugh Jackman) has experienced a difficult time due to hacking government sites. Instead, he had to swallow two bitter pills at once. First, he must hold behind bars as a reward for his actions. Second, he was abandoned by his wife and child while he was in prison. Once, Ginger (Halle Bery) came and offered a great job headed by Gabriel Shear (John Travolta). Various surprises will begin to appear when Stanley in action with his skills.

8. TAKEDOWN (2000)


Written by Shutomo Shimamura, Takedown is a real-life hacker movie from one of the legendary Kevin Mitnick's. Kevin himself has such an amazing ability in the affairs of hacking and hacking into a person's computer system so that the impact of his actions becomes his most wanted fugitive FBI.

Not only in the matter of hacking, Kevin is also good at escaping. The problem is, Kevin has made one big mistake. One time, Kevin tried to hack the supermarket system that was guarded by a reliable hacker from Japan, Shutomo Shimamura. Of course, with Kevin's virtual presence in the system, the hacker war between Kevin and Shutomo was inevitable. They hack and hack into each other's systems until finally Shimamura (who wins) and the FBI manages to arrest Kevin after repeated failures.

9. HACKERS (1995)

HACKERS (1995)

Driven by Ian, Hackers became an American hacker movie that not only included criminal elements in the invisible world. In this film, Ian also brings together other elements such as drama and comedy. Jonny Lee Miller who was asked as the lead role by playing the character of a retas named Dude Murphy had horrendous US financial exchanges. and eventually he had to undergo a punishment for not using a computer until the age of 18 years.

But after his punishment runs out, Dude returns to action with the help of friends and greater crime rates. The purpose of this action is to clear his name from the slander of a senior hacker who took advantage of the dark period experienced by Dude


The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is one of the most phenomenal hackers of his time. The story in this movie is inspired by Stieg Larsson's novel. The film takes a long time of production is directed by David Fincher by calling the two main characters, Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

The story revolves around the struggle of a Mikael Blomkvist who became a journalist who was involved in handling the case of the disappearance of a child 40 years ago. He was assisted by Lisbeth Salander, a reliable female hacker who became his partner. In practice it is not easy because they encounter mysterious things so that the case being investigated becomes delayed and the more difficult to solve.

11. BLACKHAT (2015)


Right on January 16, 2015, the release of a genius hacker film produced by Universal Pictures by carrying Blackhat header. The star who fills the main character on Blackhat is the Australian national actor Chris Hemsworth, who had previously played a role in a Marvell superhero movie, Thor. Chris's role in Blackhat is as a genius who is expert in taking action to hack computers. He was assigned to track down Internet criminals who threaten a country.

Told at that time Chris Hemsworth who plays the character of Nicholas Hathaway is working with agents from China. Nicholas himself is a MIT genius prisoner from the United States, he is working with an agent from China to help the government hunt down the mysterious hackers that caused the nuclear reactor crisis in China. In their "pursuits," they have to come to various cities and countries, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and even Jakarta. During the hunt, they are often encountered with various events that threaten their safety.



The Throwaways are not yet worthy of being considered the best hacker movie. Even so, as a lover of "black magic" in computerized matters, we should incorporate The Throwaways into our favorite Western hacker movie list. The film about hacker crime driven by Tony Bui by narrating the results of Don Handfield and Michael Ross is centered on a retas expert named Drew Reynolds.

Drew Reynolds was then sentenced to a choice after being caught by the CIA. He had to choose whether to work for a CIA agent or to spend the rest of his life in jail. With the thought of not wanting to be a prisoner for the rest of his life, Reynolds preferred to help and he immediately formed a team called Throwaways, a team that contained people who were considered wasted with the aim of capturing the most sought after targets.

13. HACKER (2016)

HACKER (2016)

At the end of 2016, attended a bank hacker film that carries the core theme of crime in the cyber world. Hacker or also known as Anonymous is a spectacle that executes the story of scenarios written by Sanzhar Sultan and Akan Satayev. A row of actors who fill their roles in the bank hacker hacker films include Callan McAuliffe, Lorraine Nicholson, and Daniel Eric Gold.

Alex, a teenager who is expert in computer programming as well as immigrants from Ukraine should help his family's economy is being choked up by doing a number of illegal jobs on the Internet. He is not alone, there is Sye who is none other than his best friend and Kira, a young hacker who turned out to work as a spy from the FBI, who intend to help Alex in the act of identity theft in banking institutions. The turmoil after their act invites the attention of Z, a mysterious masked man who turns out to be the leader of a criminal group. Z is also not a haphazard figure because he is one of the names in the FBI's top search list.

14. UNTRACEABLE (2008)


This film can be said entirely as a hacker genre movie, because in it also there are scenes of serial murder by a mystery who became a fugitive FBI. The figure can be regarded as a psychopath. How not, he uploaded his "work" to the site address which then changed to another address to be difficult and even untraceable alias untreaceable.

Two FBI agents who act to quell criminal cases in cyberspace, Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) and Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks), must work together to reveal who the mastermind behind the crime. Assisted by Eric Box detective (Billy Burke), they continue to try to stop the serial murder case that ultimately he himself is threatened in the killing process.

15. MR. ROBOT (2015)

MR.ROBOT (2015)

Mr. Robot is a film of the intelligent hackers and so understand about the world of hacking. Inside there are clear-cut hacking actions and the truth can be validated by explanation. Mr. Movie Robot itself told of a young man named Elliot Alderson who worked as a technician in a virtual security company called Allsafe.

No one knows that this strange-looking Elliot turns out to be a vigilante (in his own way) at night, he's combating crime with his hacking skills. Once, Elliot's ability got the spotlight from a mysterious figure named Mr. Robot who then invites Elliot joined in a herd of Hacker Fsociety. The hacker group has a major mission to destroy E-Corp which turned out to be one of the largest clients in the company where he worked. Will Elliot be responsible in his job or even injure his own office by participating in the crushing action of E-Corp?

16. BOY 7 (2015)

Boy 7 (2015)

By juxtaposing the three genres at once, Boy 7 is directed by Lourens Blok this becomes an exciting spectacle for you who are obsessed with hacking activities. Boy 7 who is under the auspices of Lemming Film and distributed by A-Film Benelux MSD is acted by famous actors and actresses such as Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Tygo Gernandt and Ella June.

Boy 7 centered on Sam, someone who was forgetting his identity after regaining consciousness. Waking up on a train, he did not know why he could be there, where he was going, and did not even know his own name. Only with the help that was in his backpack, slowly but surely Sam began to know many things and realized that his life was in the midst of a great danger.

That's the list of movies about the best hackers Om Braed can recommend to you. When you see a hacker in action with his ability, usually a lot of people who are obsessed and willing to be one of them. Therefore, for those of you who may be inspired by the stories of these hackers, whether made in fiction or in real terms, it would be better not to be caught up in a moment's passion-to follow their criminal track record-for there are many who are experts at hacking instead working in various companies or government agencies to help maintain the security of the system.