Senin, 26 Juni 2017

How to change color of visited link or any link color of blogger?

Hello, Trickzman lover today I am back with new Blogging trick , If you are looking for color change trick of your blogger link then you are in right place, here today I will show you that you can easily change   your blogger visual link color.  So why you are waiting for let's jump on the trick.

Why is important change color of your blog?

To change link of your blog is very important, because that will help to your visitor to find the Link of your article. 
For example: You have written an article and you have put a link on this. If the color of the post and of the link is same , that's may be confused to your visitor for finding the link. 
So you can understand the importance of color of link. Let's check out below

Color changing trick of blogger template?I would like to divide this into 2 steps,  1: changing color of visual link the another step : changing color of viseted link. 

Color changing trick of visible link.

  • At first goto > Template > edit template
  • Enter Ctrl + F , paste this code on the box " a:link{color: " and click Enter
  • Now you will see a code like this 
  • Now change the color using CSS as your flavor.
Color changing trick of visited link.
If you changed the visible link then visited link change is shouldn't difficult for you. It is very easy to change visited link change . Just change the code like screen shots.

Note: If you can't find the code paste the code below visible link code a:visited{color:#11eb22;text-decoration:bold;

Some awesome color code
blue   #0000FF
gold   #FFD700
green #008000
gray  #808080

indigo #4B0082
light blue #ADD8E6
Pink  #FFC0CB
red   #FF0000
silver  #A0522D

skyblue  #87CEEB
Yellow #FFFF00

If you want any color include the above code, please comment below.