Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Airtel free internet trick with XP Psiphon VPN (Video tutorial added)

I have already shared many free internet tricks and all are working fine, But today I am going to share a new Psiphon VPN tricks with conf. file, Which is simple and no disconnect issue. So, Read carefully...


Airtel free internet trick with XP Psiphon VPN
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How to use  XP Psiphon?
This is very easy setup than other tricks and working Fine. Well, XP Psiphion also provides so many advantages than another VPN. So, I think it will be Helpful for you.

Features of XP Psiphon:

  • Provide India IP: Which is very helpful for Indian users.
  • Hotspot Tether: With this feature, you can enjoy on PC.
  • Free SMS: You can Send Unlimited Free SMS and much more.
Advantage of this trick:

1. You will get Full 3G/4G speed without speed capping problem. 
2. No disconnect issue.
3. Working on PC also.

Required tools for this trick:

All config files Password : Trickzman

    TRICK NO 1  : Airtel Free Internet 3G/4G with VPN

    This is very easy to setup just follow my instruction,
    ➤ At first Download VPN from above link and install it, Now open it.
    ➤ Click on drop Down menu, Here you will see Import Config, Here just put config file and save it.
    ➤ Now, Click on Connect and it will be connected.

    After connected you can enjoy unlimited  Internet trick.

    Here is the Video tutorial which will help You to Setup.

    How to enable for HotSpot connection?

    1. At first On Portable Wi-Fi hotspot , by Goto setting > Tethering & Portable Hotspot.
    2. Now open Xp psiphon > Tether> Wifi Tether > Start.
    3. Now, Goto pc or any wifi device , Serch network, Choose your network and connect it..

    Enjoy free net on PC.

    here is video tutorial for you

    TRICK NO  2: Unlimited  trick with Psiphon VPN.  

    Now, If above trick is not working perfectly for you try another trick,

    Follow my steps 

    1. At first open the vpn , Click on dropdown menu > Xp Generator 
    Here make setting like below :

    • URL/Host: one.airtel.in
    • Proxy: 80
    • tick on dual real host 
    If you can't understand watch this video ,

    Final Word: So, Guys , Here is the best and full guide for free internet trick, Read it and enjoy , And video gift fir help.