Minggu, 30 April 2017


Before we get started let's get the meaning of visual private network (vpn )

What is the meaning of Visual Private Network (vpn)?
VPN is a network technology that enable or create a protect network connection over
public network like the internet or a private network  own by a service providers,government,educational institutions and large corporations etc.
this enables remote users to protect connection to their private network.with vpn, it can connect multiple websites over large distance like WAN.

We did our research on the best free vpn and we had the best 3 vpn to use in 2017 for our readers

1. BETTERNET VPN: I really love this vpn because it helps you access blocked websites and bypass internet censorship and firewalls,
it also allows you to access different music and movies channels everywhere even you are travelling thirdly it also protects your connection
by encrypting your real locations and it gives your privacy and anonymity online.with betternet vpn its works across all devices for free without
showing annoyed ads or keeping any data logs from uses

  Download betternet for windows here

2. PSIPHON 3: With psiphon3 it automatically connect immidiately when you run the software and it automatically  disconnect when you disconnect....its offers a split tunnel option where international
traffic is undergrouned through the proxy and domestic traffic is not.

Download psiphon3 for windows here

3.UltraSurf: with this one too,its a bit different than most of the vpn services we have.
  UltraSurf is also a free services provided by company Ultra reach,which is headquartered in United Stated by was designed to help people in china