Sabtu, 29 April 2017

How To Create Facebook With A Ghost ID Or Facebook ID Without Name

Facebook is social network platform where people worldwide meets their Friends and family's to have fun others too visit there  to become famous whiles others go there for advertising
Ghost ID is one of method to become famous on Facebook.
Ghost ID mean you have a Facebook id which is without name. Is it not hidden? Then how we can send message or find that id on Facebook? Simply, Ghost id is identify by their character name which is a symbol of some kind.

Facebook don’t allow people to use their fake name, so to do that we have to first change proxy to japan or any other country so we can set our name on any another language. But here in this post you can learn how to make ghost ID on Facebook without using any proxy. Make Ghost ID Without any Proxy. It's Now Very Simple trick to Make Ghost ID to start with you need to select one of  your ghost characters giving below.

This are all Ghost Characters

  1.  ら
  2.  で
  3.  ぴ
  4.  っ
  5.  タ
  6.  イ
  7.  メ
  8.  イ
  9.  ク
  10.  ラ
  11.  ル
  12.  う
  13.  ナ
  14.  ブ
  15.  ヘ
  16.  ア
  17.  ー
  18.  に
  19.  ち
  20.  ゃ
  21. ភភ ភភ
  22.  Կ. Ձ. Օ.
  23.  ლლ ლლ
  24.  ツ ツ
  25.  ΞΔ ΞΔ
  26.  ՙՙ ՙՙ

Now let get started with the given below steps

1. Go to >> account settings 
2. click>> General >> Name >> edit and  Paste The Ghost Character in Both First and Last Name 

3.Enter your password

4.Click On Save.