Kamis, 06 April 2017

3 EASY METHOD to hack facebook account easily? (full guide)

Hello friends, welcome to Trickzman. Here today i am back with a new facebook hacking trick. From some days i got so many messages for Teach fb is hack, So today i decided to post working hacking trick.

This Post only for educational purpose.We are never support hacking and Our aim is help people to Protect their account from Hckers.

This trick is 100% working and we are personally tested those tricks.  We are never support hacking or any types of Scam . Please do not try this trick for misuse. 

Hack facebook on android device.

> Vpn with US server
> Internet conecction

Hack  with phishing site:

>To make a free phishing site you need create a account on wapka , Well wapka site are blocked in some country (India also). Whatever, Some countries are not blocked wapka (for example US) . So, you can use this trick only on those countries which is not blocked wapka site.  And one more thing your Victim should be on unblocked wapka countries. 

Now days hacking and carding is become viral on internet , but both are illegal and so much Risky. So please try all hacking trick on your own risk. Whatever, facebook is very popular on Social Media. There are Millions of ,millions people are using facebook. Some people of them know that Fb ID also can be hacked. So , IF You are also searching for FB hack trick ,than you are in Right place . Here today , trickzman will help you  .

There are so many website available on internet for learn Hacking trick, but maximum sites are gave fake .Whatever, Trickzman is never do that.. I Will teach you Real trick with full guide.
ADDITIONAL INFO: Buy paid Host to Enjoy Your Phishing site in all country .

Trick 1:

What is phishing site?

Phishing sites is a one type of Scam Website. In phishing site Hacker are create a website with HTML and CSS which is look like a particular website's Login Form.  After successfully created the site hackers are send the Site Link  to their Victim . When victim click on link they are thing that is a genaral login form and they Enter original ID and Password . In a second Victim's login details mail to Hacker Email id .  

Make phishing site on wapka?

1. At first you need go wapka.com with opera mini browser.

2. Now create an account, If you already have an account then just Sign In with your id and Password.

3. Now click on create a new site , next you have to give a site name for your Website . choose a site name and check availity, if some on already created a site on your name you will get message like it" Some one already have use the same name , please try another." After choosing a unique name for your website click on Submit .

Your website is ready for use . Next you need to click on Admin Mode > Edit Site > WML / XML .

here you need to paste the HTML code.

5. click on submit and your phishing site is ready to use .
How to use created phishing site?
At first, copy your site link and send to your victim, Asked Him/Her to login . When your victim login on your Phishing site you will get the Login details of your victim.

Protect your account from phishing site?
Always use original login form for login

Don't Browse those Website on Opera Mini or UC browser.

Use browsing protected Anti-Virus.

Trick 2
Hack facebook account using Z shadow:
For hack  account Z shadow is the best website because it is easy to use and it does not need to create Website.It is easy to use.

How works z shadow?
z shadow is the best for Hack fb account. It is especially design for Facebook Hacking.


  • it is easy to use and its does not required knowledge about HTML or CSS  , so it is better than Wapka phishing.
  • It is working on all countries , However Wapka  is blocked in some country.
  • You can create your Scam Site in 2 Minutes. 
  • they are provide victim data instantly.
Check Also:
How to use Z shadow?
  • At first you need to register on Z shadow .go to z shadow register page and register with fake gmail and name. It is does not require to Verify email. 
  • After create account now go on Log In and put registered Email and password,
  • Here you can see many Countries Flag , Click on US countries flag and you will redirected to A link. 
  • Copy url of redirected Site and send it to your victim. 

when your victim will login on link you will get the id password.
How to get saved ID and Password?
  • At first Log In on z shadow account with your valid id and password
  • Now click on drop down menu , there you can see Victim id and password.

Final Word:

So friends , this is the clear atricle about facebook hacking and guys this articale only for educational purpose and giving Aleart to  users for safe browsing and check site detials before login.