Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

How to upload tamplet and make your blog aweasome(full guide)


Welcome to today i will show you that how can you uplaod TAMPLET on blog. To make your blog stylish and famous,you have to give good look to your blog and that why you have to design blog.

Let's start:---

1) At first download your tamplet from any tamplet seller site.


2)After download unziped it and put ".xml " on anthoer file.

3)Now, Just goto and click on "TAMPLET"

4)On Right side corner you get a option "BACK & RESTORE" click it.

Note:  If you like you current tamplet then download your current tamplet , that why you can get back it.

5)Now click on "chose file" and you will get on file manger. 

6) Now find " .XML " file and upload it.

6) Now  visit your blog you will see your blog desinen changed.

7)if you are a Mobile users then you have to do one more step. 

Goto tamplet > click on mobile and dismiss. Like this screen soot.

Keep daily visiting....

Video coming soon