Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

Airtel new phisphon handler trick


New Psiphon Handler Vpn Trick For Airtel Users

Please note that:-
◆ You simcard must be unblocked (non blocked) to use this trick.
◆ To use this trick you android version must be 4.0+
◆ Use this Trick at zero balance.
◆ Use this Trick on default airtel internet settings.
◆ Download limit = 150 mb per day.
◆ This trick doesn’t work for blocked users.
◆ Fast Speed.
◆ No disconnection problem.
◆ Fully controlled i.e., you can change its settings
1) First of all goto setting and activate Airtel Internet Settings as your default setting.
2) Now download Psiphon handler - Downlaod Here
3) Install it in your device.
4) Now open it and scroll down.
5) Change Proxy Type to Real Host.
6) In Proxy Server field type as shown in screenshot;
You can use any of the free working hosts. Some of the host are listed below:-
The most preferred host among them is

7) After putting the host scroll down and click on save button.
8) After that it will display a popup having two option,,,,,, click Tunnel whole devicebutton.
9) After that you will see another popup check (mark the box) I trust this applicationand click on OK button.

10) Now Click on Start button which located at the bottom left part of your device.
11) Wait until it gets connected.
12) When it gets connected simply minimize it and use other apps for free. ^_^