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Top 3 Andriod App For Power Saving and Speed increase.

Hello everyone, Here TrickzMan is back with amazing tricks To Save power and incares speed of your smart phone. Well, Trickzman provide all working trick and all are personally tested. 

How to incares speed and power saving of your smart phone?
Maximum people like to timepass, chill on smart phone. They are chatng with freinds and family. But when the battery will low or mobile is started to hang, really we are become very angry. Even some people do their office work , like email send, make document etc. So, if your device is discharge on working or emergency time, then may be you have to face problems. So with mobile speed they are also need Power saving.

Ok, Come to the main point. 

Top 3 andriod apps to incares ram and power saving
Greenify is the best app to save power and hibernate unused Apps. This app require Root Permission.


• You can hibernate any apps .
• You can also select apps for hibernate.
• This apps have auto hibernating features
• It have also shortcut creation feature.
• This app is help to take your mobile cool, so you can also use this apps for fix heating problem.

How to use Greenify

• Download Greenify from here
• Open Greenify and It will ask for root permission, Grant root permission. Now it is ready to use.

Choose apps for hibernation.
 Open greenify and take a look on top side, there you can are " +  icon , click on + icon, Now choose your unused apps and choose those apps which are working background.

• click on √ icon
•  Now press back, click on Zzz icon  to put selected apps for hibernate.

• Click on option and click on " enable auto hibernation " for auto hibernation.

Get result from Greenify.
To get better result from this app. You need to xposed installer. Follow below steps for setup greenify in boost mode.
• Read above post for understand xposed installer.
• Open xposed installer and click on Modules, Tick on Greenify and reboot your phone.

• After reboot, open greenify and touch on option>expremental fetures....> Working Mode> Choose Boost.

Now greenify is ready for work, Ok, now take look second Root boster. 

Root Booster

 This apps realy very useful, un this app you can incares speed of your device and make it smooth. You can use this app for power saving also..

Note: This apps require Root permission.

• You can incares your device faster.
• It is help to make your mobile smooth.
• This app also have power saving fetures
• By this apps you can save battery from draining.
• It help to stable your device.

How to use Rootboster?

• At first Download Root boster from here
• Open it , Grant root permission.
• Now , Click on dropdown menu, If you want make your mobile faster then click on  speed boost. Or, if you want to save power of your andriod device , Tap Battery Boost. 

Note: Speed Boost features is locked by purchess, to unlock this features you have to purchess  . But trickzman provide free purchess, keep reading  to purchess Root Booster for free.

• Choose any mode as you need.. And click on -> (arrow) icon. It take some time to applying .

• After successfully applied, You will get , and it ask for . Click on ok for reboot.
• Now it will started working on your command.

I personally use this app for Boost speed it work great for me .


• This app is help you to increase ram.
Its can expend ram from your internal or sd card storage.
• This app help to make your device smooth.

How to use Ramexpender?
• At first download Ramexpender from here
• Open Ramexpender and Grant root permisson.
Click Option>Select Swapdir>Chose storage for expend ram.

• After Select storage, now Click on SwapActive 

• Now it will take some time to expend,  It is depend on your SD  card speed .
• After successfully create swap it will automatically actuated.
• Click On Autorun, for automatic start.

Thats it. guys belif it work realy well.. I am still using. .

Coming soon : Purchess root boster for free.. Please visit this page.

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