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How to write SEO friendly post in blogger

How to write SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) friendly post in blogger

Hello friends in my last post i told you how you can make free website on blogger in just a minute and now i will tell you how you can write a SEO friendly post on your blog because there are a lot of blogger who are writing posts on the Internet and have a lot of posts in their blog but they don't get the sufficient traffic for the blog so to solve this problem i am writing this post so friend write a lot of post for your blog but in writing the blog post you should keep in mind some things so that your posts will come in the google search result and for every blogger it is very necessary so friends in this post i will tell you some of the key point which help you to bring your blog posts in the google search result.So friends read the full post to become a master in writing the SEO friendly posts on blogger.

Some basic things you should always keep in mind while writing a blog post 

  • First thing to keep in mind is that what words you are using in your post title.You should use only that keywords in your blog title which are mostly searched on the google and if you use this then it will increase the viewers on you blog post.You can take the help of the GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER which tell you the no. of search for any keyword in the google for the last month and show many related data to that keyword.
  • To get good traffic on your post you should have to write in such a way that the google get it easily in the search result to do this you have to need some special keywords used at special place like if you are going to write an article on the facebook then you need to use the word 'facebook' in your description as well as in the post many times because the google is very intelligent and search show only that result which contains the keyword many times which is searched in the search bar of the google .
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) is the backbone of the blog so it is very necessary for any blog post.To get sufficient traffic for any blog post you should have to write the blog post in minimum 500 words and if possible then try to write your every post  in minimum 1000 words because google show those posts fast which have maximum text and less no. of pictures or the videos in it.
  • For best SEO of any blog you should have to create the sitemap of your blog and need to submit it to the the google search console but before making the sitemap of your blog please make sure that you have submitted your blog into the google and when you submit the  side map of your blog into the google search console then when you write any post  , it will automatically get submitted into the the google and from there you can also manage the traffic to your blog.
One thing which is most important and most common fault which is often done by the new blogger is that they often try to copy the post of other blog and then paste it in the post of his blog and you know that it is the bad hobbit and can block your blog or you will be unable to get the traffic for your blog.

How to earn money from blog

To earn money from your blog you have to make an ad scene account for which you have to write minimum 40 to 50 posts on your blog containing minimum 500 words in each post then you have to go on your blog dashboard and then open the earning pan and you have to give an application for adscene and when you have approved in adscene then you have to make a account on it and then it show ads on your blog and it will pay you money in dollar directly in your bank account but here are a long process to receive money in your bank account and it is quite difficult to approve your adscene account but not impossible.

Make something special in your blog post

Friends as you know that you are not only the person who is writing in the blog and the visitor also read different type of the posts on the Internet  on the same topic so the viewer read only that post which they like very much so write the posts in such a way that the viewers like your post and wanted to read.
Here are some special guide to write the post which is mostly liked by the viewers.....
When you are writing a post then give a short description of the topic on which you are writing in the beginning and add recent news or anything about the topic so that the viewer think that you are really a master of the topic.
Choose only that topic to write in which you are a expert because if you choose another topic which you don't know then you will not be able to give a good response in the writing the posts and the viewers don't like your post and then the written post will be a waste full material for you as well as for your blog so i suggest  you to write only on that topic on which you like very much and can give a better service for the viewers.Now it's all about to write a SEO friendly post on the blogger.
I hope now you will be able to write SEO friendly post for your blog and it will increase your earning from your blog.IF you have any problem related to blogging please comment i will surely help you .
                                          thanks you for reading