Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

How to recover deleted C Name details from your domain?

Hello guys here today i am going to share a little information about C name. If you are blogging on blogger platform , then you have to read this article . Basically,  it never happens but if your deleted Cname details by accidentally than,
you will get 404 error , and your visitor can't find your blog. That will effect on your CEO .

What is C name?

C Name is a verification method between Domain and Blog or sites. C name connect your custom domain into your blog or sites. So cname is very improtan to redirect your custom domain into your blog.
How to recover deleted c names?
If your deleted your cname details accidentally than you need recover your cname details as soon as you can do. because your visitor always visits your blog on your custom domain. If the custom domain is not recover with in 1 days your site rank and your CEO can face danger. 

So get back it. 


  1. At first, go to Google search console  and click on manage property > add or remove users.
  2. Now click on Gear button as shown on screen shots
  3. Now choose verification details option
  4. After click on above option you will be redirected to a new page , there you need click again on verification details.
  5. There you can see DNS CNAME RECORD . click on details and you will get all the details of your Cname.
  6. After get back cname record go to your domain provider site and click on your domain now add your details on there and your domain redirection will active in 30 minutes.

Final words:
This trick is 100% working , you can try this trick and i think this will be help for you. 

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