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How to make money with Facebook

How to make money with Facebook

Hello everyone welcome again in now in this post i will tell you how you can make money from the Facebook or we can say that from Facebook fan page.We know that in modern world Internet is now become popular and becoming as a basic need for all the person and if a person start using internet then he or she must have a Facebook account as usual but they don't know that they can earn money from his or her Facebook account. As you know that  in the world the Facebook is the most popular social site and approx there are More than 1.79 billion Facebook active user per month in worldwide. So it is very easy to make money from the Facebook.Many Facebook user  give more than 2 hours per day on Facebook which is not good thing for that person but if they start earning money from the Facebook then it will became good thing for them.

There are a lot of methods through which you can make money with Facebook but here i am describing the most simple and cheap way to make money from Facebook only need for that is your patients because many person wanted to earn money and have quality to do so but they don't have patients and wanted to start earnings from the first day but this is not possible so if you really want to earn money then keep patients and work hart for it one thing more is here that you can make it part time job can't make it full time works so spend your time in limite in this.

Short description about whole topic

To earn money with Facebook you need to create a Facebook page and when you will get sufficient like on your page like 11100 likes or 10000 like then the companies which are active on Facebook contact with you and they say you to post their ads on your Facebook page and then they will pay you monthly or as you make contract with them. There is no lack of ads  offering companies on the Facebook therefore don't worry about it that no one will contact you and make your own facebook page and start earning money.

Way to earn money with Facebook

Every internet user have a Facebook account and i am sure that  you also have a Facebook account. You don't need to do more things on Facebook just need to make a Facebook page on the Facebook.
There are a lot of topics on which you can create a Facebook page but a lot things don't matter here because a person can do only that thing better in which he is interested so you need to choose that topic on which you can give your better response and choose a Name related to that topic.

Suggestion to choose topic.

I suggest you that create a page related to any good picnic spot near you or you can create a page about your city because when you choose these topics then the Facebook users of your city itself like your page as they also live in that city and when you get more like to your page then it increase your income and always try to post something new on your page and leave posting anything which are not related to your page  as you used to post on the Facebook account which help your page to increase like.

How will you get money

When you get sufficient likes on your Facebook page then the companies which are active on the Facebook contact with you to post their ads on your Facebook page and then you will be paid for that in your bank account or they will directly pay cash.If you create any page related to your city and get sufficient like then if any new company open service in your city then he will directly contract with you because when you share his ad on your Facebook page then it directly reaches to nearly 10000 thousand person or the no.of persons who had liked your pages which is very good advertisement for that company.There are a lot of companies on the Facebook who can buy your whole page and pay a good amount for this as the activeness of the page visitors and the no. Of page likes.

Some basic information before taking contract from anyone

When anyone contact you to place his/her company ads on your Facebook page the talk with him with all your terms and conditions like for how many days you will keep his ads on your page and how many money will he pay for this and pay by cash or by bank etc which help you from further tension. Please keep in mind that your earnings will not start just in one day work so you have to hard works for getting likes on your facebook page and ones you become success to get likes then you can easily earn through this method or by other methods but main challenge is to collects thousands of facebook likes. 
I hope now you had understand how you can earn money from Facebook after reading this post. As i told you earlier this is the most easy way to make money with the Facebook therefore firstly i told you this and in my further post i will also tell you the other ways (which may be some different from this)by which you can earn money online or by the help of Facebook.
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