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How to make a free website (blog)

How to create a website (blog) for free

Hi everyone i am going to start a blogging series on the which will guide you from beginning of a blog(website) to is publishing and appearing in the Goggle search results. If your passion is to help people online or writing the article then it can make you a successful blogger but becoming a successful blogger also need to be an expert of any field that may be in study, in story writing, in PC works or may be other field therefore if you want to become a successful blogger then take the help of my articles which will tell you the step by step guide.

What is a blog ?

We can simply say that a blog provides an interface to its user to publish his/her opinion for free and there is a little difference between a website and a blog that is ,a website is controlled by a group of persons and can't be managed by a single person and the developer develops all its contents but a blog is easily managed by a single person and he/she can find all design contents for free and if want to develop his on then can also develop its on designing components.


Why you should start a blog ?

It is not very difficult to tell you why you should start a blog because everyone knows that the worlds runs behind the money then of course you want to make money from blogging but there are several other reasons for which people wanted to start blogging and some of them have passion and some of them wanted to make his/her follower and some have several other reason like me i am writing these posts to create a digital India by inspiring from PM.

Choose your blogging platform. 

It is very simple to choose where you want to make you blog on blogger or on the wordpress but it depends upon your choice but being a new person in blogging you should must choose blogger because it is easier than the wordpress but it mean not that the wordpress have bat user experiences.
Blogger as well as Wordpress both have millions of users throughout the world and there are a lot of people who are making money with these platform without hesitation and if you also want to be one of them then it will very good for you.If you wanted to become a professional blogger then i think you should choose Wordpress for your bloggin platform because it will give you full control on your site but wanted to a part time blogger like me then choose the Blogger which will be best for you.

Choose your Domain name (url of blog)

You know that when you tupe “” in your search box then my site opens up therefore is my domain name so before going to make a blog choose your own domain name and I advice you to choose a very simple domain which is easy to learn because people who come to your easily remember you domain and make sure that the you have choosen is not copied from anywhere it should be unique on the internet nor you need to change it.

Steps to make a blog on blogger 

So here I am going to tell you about to make blog on blogger and is very simple to make a blogger blog me but you are new here so I am providing step by step guide for making a blog.

Step1) First of all sign up to your google account (email account) on your PC or on your laptop (You can also use your android mobile to create your blog but it is difficult and time consuming).
Step2)Now visite to or click here
Step3)After opening the site click on create a blog option.
Step4)Now a new popup will opens up and you will see the screen shot like below.


Step5)In the first provided box type the title of your blog like I have given the title of TRICKZMAN to my blog you have choose your own don’t copy others title.In the second box you have to write you url which you have decided above and from the template menu choose a template which one you like but don’t worry you can change it later and finally click on the create blog option and your blog will be created.
Now this is the time to design your blog and give it the best look.

Designing a blog

Here I am telling a little about blog design because this post is about to create new blog so always remember that your blog design tell the people about your personality if you use a bad looking template then you will receive less visitor and one thing more is that don’t share other information which is not related to your blog  like if you are writing about cricket then don’t post about the badminton.
On top of your template you should must palace the links of your labels  which make the visitors easy to visit and your blog will receive more and more traffic.
We all know that no one likes poor websites and  people specially don’t like those which have a lot of forms in it so make your blog user friendly.
There are many other things which you should do after making your blog but I cn’t describe all at once so wait for other posts.
For a new blogger who han’t heared about blogging it is slightly difficult to know all the things intently like me when I had started blogging then I didn’t had any knowledge but my hard working and patience told me all  thing so if you really want to make money by blogging then please keep patience and work hard I will guide you until you will be the one of the bests blogger from India .
  Please help in creating Digital India and share the post if you found it helpful.
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