Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

How to get saved wifi password with your andriod device? ( 3 Method)

Hello Trickzman lovers, today i am going to share a awesome 3 tricks which will help you to, Know your wifi password.
If you have  conected with your friend's wifi, without know his/her wifi password and you want to know the password, otherwise you want to share password to your another Friends. Or, You forget your wifi password , or any other reason you want to know the password of a wifi, then Follow Below steps to get your wifi saved password.

How to know your wifi password?

So, Let's start, Please read this post carefully and i think that , this post will be helpfull to you.
Trick 1: Get wifi saved password with terminal emulator


° Rooted Andriod Device. 

° Terminal emulator Download Now Terminal emulator

Follow Below Steps:

• At first download terminal emulator from above link and open it.

• Now you will see a window like below screenshot.

• Now Type su  and click on Enter (LINE BREAK BUTTOM) from your keyboard.
•After, click Enter it will ask you for root.  click on allow and grant it for root permission.

• Ok. Now Copy this code
 cat /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

• Paste the code on terminal emulator and click on enter (Line break buttom)

• When you click on enter, immediately a Huge code will seen on screen. Find PSK word.

• Your password is psk:yourpassword (example base on screensoot psk:trickzman.in ., here password is trickzman.in)

I know this method is so difficult, but other two method is not so much difficult then this trick, and its work non rooted lollipop device. 

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Trick 2: Know wifi password with wps connect


• Rooted Andriod Device. Or, Non rooted lollipop device.
• Wps Connect App Download Wps connect from here

Follow Below Steps: 

• At first, Download wps connect and open it.
• Click on option Buttom , Now click on show password then it will ask for root permission , Grant root permission.

• After grant root, Password will show like screensoot

Note: If you are useing lollipop device, then it does not require root permisson.

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Now, Time to trick no 3. Ok

Trick 3: View my wifi password by wpa wps tester

•  wpa wps tester Download Now
• Rooted device, or non rooted lollipop andriod device.  

Follow below steps: 

• At first do download wpa wps tester
• open it, click on " save" icon , now it will ask for Root.Grant root permisson
• After grant root permission you will get the password as you can see on screensoot.

Final word: I think this articale will useful to you . please share it with your friends and family.. 

If any doubts please let us know... Drop your problem on comment box.

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