Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

How to earn money by sharing link ( adf.ly)

How to make money  with adf.ly (Sharing links) ????

Hi everyone, in this post I will tell you how you can make money only by sharing the link with your friends or your blog follower without investing a single rupee of money. This is very popular method which is used by most of the foreigner but in India it is not so popular because most of the Internet user don’t know about it and I am sure you are also one of those people who don’t know about this idea to make money online only by sharing the link with others. 


Here I am going to describe about Adf.ly  which  is a link shortening site. When you will submit any link to it it will make that  link into paid link and when anyone click on that link then he will see a skipable ad and after that he will reach to his/her destination.You are aware about that everyday we share and receive  many links on the Internet. On the  social networking site we found a lot of  links which are shared by our friends and that link  may be a link of pictures, songs, videos or of a  movie trailer and it may be other link . As I am saying that if you will got to adf.ly and use its service to turn that link into a paid link then adf.ly will shorten that link and when anyone click on that link then you will receive money in your adf.ly account and when you got sufficient amount then you can receive it in your bank account.
Now if you want to use the adf.ly link shorten  service then you should must be the member of the adf.ly.
So firstly sign up to adf.ly and choose as a publisher account because you will publish its ads via your link.

                                            Sign up here

                          When you sign up to adf.ly link shortner then use your email and the will send a confirmation messages on your email and you have to click on the given link which you had receive in your email messages and after verifying your email you will become a member of the adf.ly and your account will become ready to make money.
 Second  step which you have to follow is that to choose some interesting link,same as I described above like the link may be a link of f picture, songs, mp3, videos, and copy that link url and log in to the adf.ly account and paste the copied link in adf.ly shrinking box and and click on shrink and the adf.ly will generate a short link for your provided  long Link.


 Now your real work begins from here because you have to share that link with mare and more person so to share that link just copy the  adf.ly link and  share it with your friends or on social networking site or on your blog to get maximum click,the more clicks you will receive the maximum you will earn.If someone click that adf.ly link you will be paid. Adf.ly will pay you $5, for every  10, 000 clicks on any one of its link. It means that you will be paid $1 if your adf.ly link will be clicked 2000 times. But the rate I have mentioned above not exactly the same because this will keep changing but the best thing is that you will receive the dollars per clicks and it will have rates around that I have described above.                                             
Here I want to say that to getting clicks on the adf.ly links it is very difficult because   people  found adf.ly ads as a irritating material for them.People  don’t want to wait 5 sec to reach their destination because the adf.ly ads are skippable after the five seconds.So generally always used to avoid the adf.ly link. In such a situation your url will not recive more clicks that’s why I suggest you to use url2itwhich will hide the sign of adf.ly and the people don’t come to know about the links that it may contain ad but if you will share your links in the India then I don’t think that people will avoid it.     
So to hide adf.ly, copy your adf.ly link and paste it in url2it and your adf.ly will be removed with url2it and your link will receive the all possible clicks.

Here are some ways to get more and more clicks on your adf.ly links

Share your adf.ly link on social networks like on..
 3-Whats App

1)Way to get traffic on your link via-Facebook

Here is the most important think it that Facebook had banned the adf.ly link so you have to share it after hiding via url2it and then you will be able to share it on your facebook account, group, fan page and always used to leave a comment with adf.ly link on others posts this will increase your earnings.
On facebook  make mare and mare friends as possible.But her is a problem that you can’t make more than 5000 friends in a single accound therefore create more than one account and create more friends to share your adf.ly link
Here is another best think is that you can create your on fan page and can get mare and more likes and can share your link with thousands of persons at once and if you do not have facebook fan page, then can  create your own page easily and get more  like as possible. and post your adf.ly link.

2)Way to get traffic using Twitter

Twitter hadn’t banned the adf.ly so her  You can directly tweet your  adf.ly link in twitter.
If you don't have a tweeter account then create one soon and follow more and more people having same interest like if you are interested to share the links of pictures then follow those peoples who used to or like pictures more or if you are sharing the songs links then follow those who likes the songs and so on…..

3)Way to get traffic using Whats app

Now whats app had increased the number of members in a group to 256 therefore first create a group or join others group and start sharing your adf.ly limks on your whats app this will boost your earnings.

4)Get clicks with your blog

 If you have a blog then when you share the link then add some sdf.ly links in it and if don’t have a blog the create your own blog and insert your adf.ly link in it and get all possible click.

5)Get clicks using messaging app

If you like to send messages to anyone then create a adf.ly link and create a messages about any great or popular person like type a message “join the facebook group I support pm Modi “ and add your adf.ly link in it and send it to many numbers using an unlimited messaging packs and you will be done and will receive more clicks on your link.
Here I told you to make money with adf.ly and if you want to ask any question or have any problem then drop a comment bellow, I am waiting for your comment
                           be happy ,keep visiting Thanks you !