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An important Gmail News for Gmail holders

Most important messages for Gmail user......

We all know that Gmail is the most important service which is provided to us for free and almost all interet user have a Gmail account which give us our important mails as well as latest updates in our ibox but the announcement to close the supporting of Gmail in the firefox browser as well as in chrome browser which are below the 53th version will create a lot of problem for the old pc or old version chrome browser user. This is true that now in few months the old versions of the chrome and window xp and linux and window 7 will not support the gmail therefore it is necessary to know to all Gmail user to know how after this they can access their Gmail account. So if you are also one of them who use the older version of the Chrome or use window xp or window 7 or linux then read the  post and our solution of this problem.


The following systems which will not support Gmail in coming few monts (I think from the March 2017 the Gmail will not support )

·       Window xp :-This system will not support the Gmail because the chrome browser which we use in this system are older than the 53 version and chrom had leaved to update chrome for the window xp.If you want to use firefox then it will also not support Gamail.
·       Window 7 :-here is the same resion which I have mentioned for the window xp that it support ony that chrome browser which are under the 53 rd version.
·       Linux :- Linux will also not support Gmail because it5 alsop use only the chrome which are under the 53 rd version.
·       Chrome browser under 53 rd version :-The chrom browser which are under the 53rd  version will leave supporting the Gmail
·       Firefox browser :- Firefox browser is an older browser which came in existens before 1 decade and now it is not getting updates from the developer and being non popular nowa day so this will also not support the Gmail.

Why Gmail is taking the desions to stop Gmail in these windows.

Everyone want to private and secure from the siber hackers so to provide protection from these siber hackers the Google is leaving to support the window xp as well as window 7 because there are high risk are available of hacking Gmail in the window xp window 7 and linux version of the operating system.
The older version of the chrome browser have the same story so to protect his/her users from the hackers the Gmail is taking this decisions.

How to overcome this problem ?

If the company wanted to not get access to Gmail in some operating system then there will no any chance or trick to get access in banned systems but there are some ways through which you can get access to it and here I am going to discuss all those ways through which you will be able to get the access to the Gmail.
First of all if you are using old version of browser then update it to the latest version but if there will be window xp or window 7 or the linux then you will not be able to get the latest version because chrome had leaved to give update for thes systems.
If you are using the Firefox browser then leave it because this is the old browser which was launched before 1 decade and use latest chrome browser and always use to run with the latest technology not with older one.
Besides this if you are a window xp or window 7 or linux user then upgrade your system to the window 8 or window 10 or what ever you want, to get the access to your Gmail account.
I think now you are aware with upcoming problem of Gmail and all the way to overcome this problem and still have any other problem in this then can contact us by commenting below we fell free to help you and please share this with other  to help them also about this.
We are happy to provide information about technology if you want to know about any technical thing then can ask without hesitation. 

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