Senin, 20 Februari 2017

7 best way to make money on Fiverr ?

Howto make money on FIVERR (freelancer) ??

Here, In this posts I am going to show how you can make money online without investing a single money on FIVERR which is a marketplace where you can sell or buy any services for $5 since it is very popular in world therefore here  are more than 1 millon  active buyers come on this fiverr and get services from the sellers but it also have a large no. of the service seller.
Here on fiverr you can sell anything from logo design to video or article written on any topic or other services what you want because there are a lot of services on which there are unique seller so don’t care what you can do but care about how you can give best of best for the buyers. But to grow you need to do struggle but once you will be successful to get the the reviewe from the buyer then you will become a top reated seller and you will get a lot of works daily so lets start.

What is FIVERR ?

Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sell or buy services just for $5 minimum but sometimes it depends on the type of work mean that you can get more than $ 5. There are a  lot of people who buy and sell services (and  products also ) everyday on  Fiverr.
There are a lot of services are available on Fiverr in which some are business promotion, social networking and advertisement or creating  funny videos, graphic design or logo design etc
The services which are provided by the sellers are kown as “GIGS” on Fiverr.

How to make money on Fiverr – Step by step guide..

Now here I will show how you can make money on fiverr with all the possible steps but don’t mind it is very easy and simple to create money online.

Step 1) First of all choose your field on which you wanted to work on fiverr and then practice for that in few days and after practicing that proceed further to create your account and gigs on the fiverr.
Step 2) After becoming the expert in the field then go to the Fiverr from here and create your account on it by filling the details as shown in the below picture after that your real works begain.

Step  3)  In the above picture first of all click on join fiver and then  you have to feel your gmail and after that you need to verify it and you need to choose a user name which should not be used in other account on fiver ( all the steps be similar to other site registering form) and after making your account on the fiverr you need to make your GIG on the fiverr of your topic about which you wanted to provide your services.
So to create gig see the below picture and to proceed further first of all click o your usere name on the top right corner and move to selling and choose create a gig option.

You need to feel the following  description in your GIG as ahown in the below picture.

Step 4)  In the above picture the first box is showing the levels of completing your gig and you move to give title to your gig in the second box in the third box you will see its way to description ans to finish your levels you need to click on save and continue.
Here is important thing is that when you go for describing you gig then keep in mind that your gig description is also a very important which can impress the buyers and make them to came on your gig.
Create the description of your GIG as it can impress everyone and describe all things you can do for the buyers and also say them about your smartness and smart work.

To become success in making money with Fiverr ?

So if you are also wanted to make money from Fiverr then first of all go to Fiverr from here and see others gigs and search for those in which you are interested and take theier views, try to talk with them to become an expert on the Fiverr.
To Become an rated expert on the Fiverr it is very important for you to keep patience because on the first day or more than a week  later you will not be able to get any work so first of all collect all your patience which you can for your work on the Fiverr.
Here is success come from hard works so first work hard to get any work from the buyers and if you get any work and then finish it within the time and deliver it to the buyer.

How you will be paid for your earnings ?

Once you will get some revenue from others or we can say that from the buyers then it will be updated in your Fiverr account and then you can transfer it to your Paypal account and from paypal the balance will be transferred to your bank account and you can get cash in your hand but in digital India it is not good so always used to pay online and receive payment online.

Promoting your Fiverr Gig or Gigs

If you have a Facebook account in which you have a lot you foreign friends then share your fiver gigs to your friend because mostly Indians don’t know about this and if know then due to lack in their knowledge they don’t like to give their works to do to others so sharing your gigs in the India will not make you to earn a single rupee of the money so if you are wanted to share your gig on social site then always share with the foreigner .
Keep trying to sending offers for the requested gigs in your Fiverr account to get work as soon as possible and don’t feel alone I am here to help you.
Here is all the things which all had told you already to you and if you are havng any trouble in this then feel free to drop a comment I will surely help you you to overcome that problem.

    Thanks you !