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How to log out Facebook from all devices you logged in at once

How to log out Facebook from all devices at once

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Hello friends today i will tell you how you can log out Facebook from all devices you logged into the Facebook.This is the most useful featured provided by the Facebook but most of the Facebook user don’t know about it and they search for the "tricks to log out Facebook from all devices at one time "but they don’t get any idea for it so for solving their problems I am writing this post.
This feature help the Facebook user to log out from Facebook from all devices they have logged in by one click. 

You can use this feature in those conditions you have forgotten to log out from Facebook in your friends computer or in the mobile phone and also applicable when you have forgotten to log out from the computer of any cyber cafe or from other devices.
There are many direct link are also be provided by the Google when you search for the keyword “how to log out Facebook from all devices” in the Google but many people search different keywords and not able to found the exact link to log out.
So to know this feature read the post till the last and enjoy the most successful features provided by the Facebook..(please note that this type of features is also provided by the other social sites like Gmail,google account,twitter account etc but the problem is that the people dont know abut thest features.)

Steps to log out Facebook from all devices you have logged in

Step:-1)First of all log in to your Facebook account and if you are already logged in then skip this step.Now click on ” settings & privacy” which is available on the below of the home page, if you are using the facebook in your mobile phone and if you are using Facebook on computer then you will found it in the menu and then a new window opens up with many options as shown below in the screen shot but you have to select only that option which is marked under the box or read the post forward to know next step.

Step :-2)Now in the new page you have to select the option “security” from the menu then a new page opens up.
 Step :-3)Now you will see the option of “devices you are logged in" when you scroll down and at the end you will see the no. of devises in which you are logged in and now you have to choose this option and then a new window will opens up with the name and details of the devices in which you are logged in like what was  your location when you have logged in mean that show the city name and the country name(please note that the location shown is approximate location not your actual location) , your device type date that is what type of device you had used to log in that may be android,window,linux etc and time when you have accessed last time from that device.

 Step :-4)From this lists of the devices you can choose the name of specific device if you want to log out from that device and if you want to log out from all devices you are logged in then you need to select all the devices by selecting the box in front of each of the option as shown in the below screen shot.
  Step :-5)Now you have reached the final step of the topic and to log out your Facebook click on “remove selected”. That’s all  you have done and you have logged out from all the devices in which you have logged in earlier in your past ant forgotten to log out.Now your Facebook account is safe and none can access your account details from any device .You can find our other tips and tricks related to facebook here.                                                                                                                            If you are viewing this post in future then some option may change and you can't find the same as written above or shown in above pictures then in this situation you have to your mind but the steps will be the same as you find in this post.                         I hope i now you have solved your problem by the help of my article which i have written in the extremely simple way and to get more help like this from us keep visiting to trickzman and you will surely get the answer of your problem on this site.
I am sure you don’t have any problem in this guide  but if have then you can ask me without any hesitation, i will surely help you.
please share this post with your friend if you find it helpful and help other to know about this feature of the facebook.
                                              thanks you !
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