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How send free sms to mobile phone

How to send unlimited messages on mobile with android mobile for free

Welcome again in the Trickzman.in. In this post I a going to tell you how you can send free and unlimited messages on any number with the help of your android mobile all over the india by using some free apps like way2sms and send sms.
In the age of modern and digital India everyone have a smartphone in his hand and use different type of apps and the coming of whats app and other chatting apps are reducing the popularity of other chatting apps like messaging apps so to maintain their popularity there are many apps producer are releasing the different free messaging apps and this is also becoming successful so here i am describing about the such apps which provides you free messaging interface.
If you are interested in it then read this posts and not interested in it then can try our other guides to get free Internet using your android device.

               Unlimited free message / sms to any number on android
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1) How to send unlimited sms using “send sms”

 Features of the app “send sms”

1)It is the free of cost to send unlimited sms on any mobile no.
2) It is user friendly and very easy to use.
4)It will not take your personal data like not browse your contacts etc
5) It works on low speed network like on 2G also.

Steps to send free sms using “send sms”

Step1)First of all download “send sms” from here or can download it directly from play store by searching for “send sms”
Step2)Now open the app now you have to add some details as shown in the below screen shot


Step3)As shown in above picture, in first provided space enter your mobile no. in the second provided space enter any password which you wand and in the third space enter  your name and in the last space you have to enter your email address now verify your mobile no.(to verify your no. you will get OTP that is one time password on the given no.and you have to verify the same) then you will ready to send free sms from your android mobile.
Step4) Now you will see the the many options like Send sms,Sent sms,Password etc but to send sms to any mobile you need to choose send sms option and then you will enter in the final menu from where you can send sms for free to any mobile phone .
Step5)To send sms to any mobile for free you need to fill mobile no. of the recipient in the first provided box to whom you want to send sms and in the second step type the message what do you want to send and finally click on send sms then your sms will be sent to the that person.
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2) How to send unlimited sms using “Way2sms”

Features of Way2sms

1)It is easily available on play store
2)Through Way2sms you can send unlimited sms anywhere in India
3)Like “send sms” it also works on slow network
4)Unlike “Send sms” it don’t contains ads which make it very popular 
5)Way2sms have an interface which show you the latest news which make it more popular between the free sms sending app user.
6) If anytime you dont have your androide and wand to send free sms then you can also use way2sms site to send sms that make it very trusted site.

Steps to send unlimited sms using Way2sms app

Step 1) First of all download the Way2sms from here
Step 2) Now enter your mobile number and verify it (to verify your no.you will recieve an OTP to that no. which you are resistering).
Step 3) Now you have done and can send unlimited sms to any mobile,anywhere in India

Steps to send unlimited sms using Way2sms site

Step 1)First of all visite to Way2sms site by clicking here or you can search for way2sms in google and choose one from the result.
Step 2)Now creat an account if don't have an account, by filling your some details mentioned below.
Step 3)If your are new then you have to resister a new account by filling your details like name ,mobile no.,city,date of birth etc
Step 4) Now you will be entered in the the menu from where you can send unlimited sms to any mobile (please note that  i always like to use the apps which consume your less data and time also so suggest to use app but it is my duty to tell you all about including the apps and the website of anything about which i am describing.)
So stop wasting money on the sms pack and send sms to anyone from your current 2G/3G/4G data pack.
(I am not giving you step by step for the Way2ms because these using Way2SMS is very simple and have a user friendly interface.)
I always use Way2sms to send sms to any one and is is also preferred by the most people therefore i suggest you to use way2sms. It also give you the updates for the latest news so download it and start sending the messages. 
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