Rabu, 11 Januari 2017

Create a free blog / site by Us.

Design your blogger by us and give a great look to your free blogger blog. I will Give below features on your blogger.


What’s included?

Blogger Installation: Blogger is the most popular blogging software on the planet. I’ll install the latest version of WordPress and customize all the settings for best performance and functionality.

Premium Blogger Themes: I’ve many Responsive template (themes) for any type of blog , Like News , Tech etc.

Widget : Any types of widget are
available , Email Suscribe , Fb Page , Share on social and much more

 SEO: I will design your blog special for SEO friendly and i will give you SEO tips.

Social Media Integration: Everyone is on social media today, Social media can be another big source of traffic after search engine. Your website will have social media features on all blog posts so your readers can easily share your content with their friends.
Contact Form Page: I’ll setup a professional contact form with all the required fields like Name, email, subject etc. And all the emails will land directly to your inbox. You can setup your desired email in contact form.

FREE lifetime support: Even after setting up your new blog, I’ll provide you free lifetime email support, So if you get stuck you can ask me directly through email.

Contact Us:

Mail @ mahatapranab568@gmail.com
Whatsapp : +917586812833 

Price : @100 rs - 500rs only ( 1-10$)