Kamis, 26 Januari 2017

3 Tricks to active 3G on airtel sim with out any 3G data Pack.

Hello, Fiends today i going to share very useful trick . I got many messages from our visitor that , They are unable use 3G with out data pack. This very serious problem for airtel free internet users , Because  maximum free internet is working only 3G/4G network coverage. So, If you are also unable USE 3G , Don't worry i will give you 100% working tricks for it.
AIRTEL 3G activing

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I have 5 working tricks for it and remind you that all are working perfectly.Please read carefully and try one by one. best android games 2017

Trick No 1:
 This very easy and we all know that easy trick are always work fine. So let's begain

1. At first Go to write message option and Type 3G and send to 121 . If you get reply that "your 3G pack is not active yet " then ignore this step. If you get reply " 3G is already activated on your airtel number" then send reply with 2 and deactivated 3G service. save power and increase of your android device with 3apps

First You need to to deactive 3G service.

2. Now, Your 3G service is
deactivated.Again goto write message option and write 3G and send it 121. Wait for reply , Now they will reply that " 3G service is not activated on airtel number, 1. for 3G plans. "  ok, Now you need to reply with 1.
and choose plan  Zero Rental 3G plan with browsing charges of 4P/10KB. And active It. 

activing 3g on airtel

3. And finally, Reboot Your device or, Turn on off airple mode.  and change the network mode as only 3G /WCDMA ONLY . Voila 3G is activated .

If above trick is not working try this method ..

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Trick No 2

1. At first deactivated 3G by the above method .
2. Now, Call to customer care and  ask for active 3G on your mobile, If they tell you for recharge a 3G pack then behave like a fool and ask this type of question : How to recharge? , What i have to do after recharge ? they will give you all instraction but don't worry just tell them my friend also have android phone but he access 3G service with out any recharge , Now they will tell you for hold line and tell You after 30 Minute 3G service will activated on your mobile. OK ,
3. All done now just restart your phone and enjoy 3G .

Conversation between me and customer care in hindi:

CC: Hlw sir , mai apka kese shyeta kar skta hu?
me: Sir mera .. Wo kya khtea hai .. wooo .. haaa 3G network nhi arha ha .. kya kru?  (LOL)
CC: Sir , Please thora sa wait kijea mai check karkea btata hu.. 
CC: sir, apkkea mobile pea 3G data nhi ha . 
Me: 3G data kya hota hai? ?(lol)
CC: Sir , apkea mobile pea 3G blance nhi ha , So , app phlea ek 3g recharge krwa lijea uskea bad apkaa 3G network ajega/
Me: Sir, But mera ek friend ha .. jo mere tra screen touch mobile use kartea hai , Uska bina recharge k v 3G arha hai, 
CC: Ok , wait mai check karkea bta ta hu..
CC: sir apkea mobile pea 30 minute k andar 3G service active hojeagi
Me: Realy? tahnk you sirr.. Good night (at morning) (LOL)

hehe i know this funny but , but i always try this process if above trick is not work. 

How to fix this problem permanently?
If, After using 3-4 months 3G service again not working , then solve it for lifetime . but it is not free you have to pay Little bit.  Follow it

1. At  first active a small 3G pack, After active 3G . go to write option and deactivated 3g.
2. Call to customer care and tell them , I have 3G pack but i can't use 3G service , They will fix it for lifetime.

Enjoy friends.

Final words: Guys i tell you all the method which are working on 2017   and all personally tested by me and confirmed working , So if you are using airtel unlimited free internet don't worry for 3G network.

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