Rabu, 02 November 2016

How To Use PicsArt To Make Cool Instructable Covers

Color Replace
Learn how to mix up the colors in your shots using the Color Replace Effect
Select the photo you would like to edit. For the Color Replace Effect, images with bright, bold colors and a solid background work well. Open your shot in the photo editor and tap on the Effect icon.
Step 2
Tap on “Colors” to open the Colors section of the Effect menu. Select the Color Replace Effect.
Step 3
Drag the cursor to select the color you would like to change in your image.
Step 4
Use the Replace Hue slider to select the replacement color. You can also use the Min Hue and Max Hue sliders to adjust how many shades of your selected color will be changed. Tap on the check mark to confirm. 
Step 5
 Tap on the check mark again to confirm.
Step 6
Tap on the Save icon to save your image. Tap on the Share icon to share it with your followers on PicsArt — don’t forget to add the hashtag #ColorReplace!
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