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How to type bold, italic, strikethrough in whatsapp

Type Bold, Italic, Strikethrough Text On WhatsApp – How To Type bold in whatsapp
Here’s how you can type bold, italic or strikethrough text in a conversation on WhatsApp.
As much as we fail to admit it, but we all have realized secretly in the back of our heads that WhatsApp is here to stay and has become an important part of our lives when it comes communicating with our friends and loved ones. And over time, WhatsApp has literally exploded in terms of active users, with millions of people around the globe making use of the IM service to send texts, photos, videos and whatnot.
To improve the WhatsApp experience over time, the Facebook-owned company has sneaked in a bunch of updated to ensure that users are engaged with the app in the most suitable way. For instance, the addition of bulk photo attachments has allowed users to send through a bunch of snaps with minimal fuss. And today, we will show you how you can step up your WhatsApp game even further by showing you how you can write down rich text in a conversation. We’re of course talking about typing in bold, italic or adding a strikethrough over a string of text.
Typing Rich Text In WhatsApp Is Absolutely A Piece of Cake
In order to type in bold in a WhatsApp conversation, simply add a ‘*’ symbol at the start and end of a word. For example, you’ll write *example* in order to type in bold.In order to type in italics in a WhatsApp conversation, simply add a ‘_’ symbol at the start and end of a word. For example, type _example_ to get things slightly tilted.Lastly, in order to add a strikethrough over a word, add a ‘~’ symbol at the start and end of a word. For example, type ~example~ to add a strikethrough over your desired word.
We’ve kept things massively boring here by using the word ‘example’ instead of something creative, but don’t make the same mistake which I’ve made. Be as creative as possible with the new trick which you have learned today. And oh, don’t forget to share your findings with others as well. After all, you don’t want to leave everyone out in the cold, do you? Of course you don’t.
We really wished this nifty little feature wasn’t hidden away from plain view and was instead an upfront little option which everyone can easily utilize. We’re certain in a future update WhatsApp will take things up a notch with more rich text editing features. Till then, you have this little trick to flaunt in front of your friends.
Go, now. Write in bold!

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