Selasa, 08 November 2016

How to make a free Website for life time {Free Domain} Proof added

Hello Friends I will show you how to make a website for free without any cost. Son, if you not subscribe us then subscribe and like our videos. So, lets go to see the viseo with proper instruction...

Now go here

You need to login in gmail useing your gmail id.
So, lets go i will showing you again the trick...

(1) Click on "Creat new blog"
(2) Now you need to Login with gmail so now i am loging in.
(3) Yes, see now it is login successflly.
(4) Then creat a site name.
(5) So site name is " Techhhhhtechh" {Depend on you what you need type here."
(6) Now click on "New blog".
(7) After that we need to type Title at here.
(8) After that need you a site address name at here. Site name show like (

Then click on creat blog.
After that it will show like this.
If you want to see site address click setting> then see there.

By this you able to make a free website 

Video Proof:-
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