Kamis, 03 November 2016

Get 20 euro for Free and more in just in month {Proof added}

Hello friends we are the member of TechnicalShout and now we come with a big plan then you will get 20 euro coins free without any registration fee. So we come with this plan, we will give you the all the images with correct information and will we will give you.  So keep your mind to us and see the information with us. This is a legal company that also paying money to everyone and will also give you the proof.


This is a company founded by a country and here near about 10Laks. People registed here. This is worldwide company. Everyone able to register here but age requarment  “18+”. 


*First click on this link.

*Then from there click on Signup.

*Then you wii see a “Term and Condition”  bar then scroll down and click on agree.

*Then fill the form with correct document.

*Then in “Master Account ID” fill this:-“6BA4-E4B7-D109

*Then after Register go to mail and verify your mail id.

*Then login to your account.

*You will see there some text that “fill” the form.

*After fill the form with your profile detail you will get 20 euro.

*After get 20 euro then click on “Office”.

*After that click on “Buy”.

*Then click on “Buy” again.

*After Buy you will see like this.

*Then after refresh you will see like this to say you want 20dsays 23hours.

*So, now wait for 20days and 23hours after that you will get 30-40 euro to wallet.


*For withraw click on this link after Login to browser.
*Then select in which type you want to get payment.

*Then select and fill the detail and withdraw money. 

 Paymenent Proof:-

“Master Account ID”:-“6BA4-E4B7-D109
For more detail please contact us on mail at (helpforumltd@gmail.com)