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Download The Amazing Windows 10 Launcher For Android

Hello Guys, Download Windows 10 launcher for Android which is inspired by the original Windows 10 operating system. Android has the most of the features you want in your phone, but sometimes we get bored from the old, filthy UI and we want to change it, but that is not possible every time.

As of Android users we all hate Windows phone but we can’t ignore its amazing launcher graphics and design. The Windows 10 launcher has many surprising features like the home screen with live tiles which changes which real time updates, eye-catching UI etc. In this post I have mentioned 2 launchers from which you would be able to use windows launcher pro in your Android. The main aspect of these Apps is that they do not need Root. Yes you heard it right ,it is not compulsory to Root your Android smartphone to install these Apps. You want Windows 10 style launcher on your Android? You don’t have to wait anymore, Windows 10 Launcher for Android is here for you. Customize your phone with unique look and feel with the fast, clean and battery efficient Launcher. Jealous your friends with new launcher of your Android and also share it with your loved ones.

You can also flash a Windows themed custom Rom in order to get all features and UI of Windows smartphone. But, here we are ignoring the custom Rom and only using the launcher Apps.

Apps for Windows 10 launcher graphics & design

 1. Launcher 10 App

Launcher 10 is the launcher which gives similar looks to Windows smartphones launcher design. It is the perfect replica of Windows 10 phone launcher. This App will change your home screen to a Windows 10 launcher looks. This App is developed by nfwebdev and it is rated 4.1 stars on Google Play store. There is only one bad thing about this App is its still beta version, so you may find some silly bugs.

Features of Launcher 10

 Well there are many features in this App but I have shared some key features of it.

1. Add Apps and widget as tiles in home screen.

2. View all Apps by swiping left in home screen.

3. A search widget in “All Apps” to search through your Apps.

4. Easy to use features.

5. Over 49 different colors and many customizing options to improve the quality of launcher.

And Many More…

Steps to Download & Install Launcher 10 –

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Steps to Download & Install Launcher 10

  1.  First of all, Download & Install the Launcher 10 App Here
  2.  Now open the App and it will automatically turn on.
  3.  Then long press anywhere in the screen and click on “Launcher Preferences”. 
  4.  The App will show you 3 options for customization, General, Theme & Colors and Animation. 

 General Options – There will be some options for minor customization like change wallpaper, rotations and tiles settings. 

Theme & Colors Options – Here you will get 49 different colors, tile transparency and its color. 

Animation Options – Here you will get options for changing the animation of scrolling. 

In additions, if you did not like the Ads then you can buy the premium version of the App or try the second App which does not have any Ads.

2. Win 10 Launcher 

Win 10 launcher which is totally inspired by Windows 10 phone, it gives you fast, clean and new look of Windows interface. This Windows launcher is proved to be a very popular App since it’s launch and it is quite trusted because it is rated 4.2 stars on Google play store. Developed by a noted developer spark planet. 

Features of Win 10 Launcher

  1. 1. Customizable Theme Colors.
  2.  2. Android apps in cool Tiles. 
  3. 3. Best Apps are available on One Click.
  4.  4. Windows Phone Experience on your Android.
  5.  5. Easy for switching to Apps. 
  6. 6. Easy to use features.
  7.  And Many More…