Jumat, 21 Oktober 2016


Make your Pen-drive Bootable from this article Now
You can easily install windows in your PC from ISO files.You can download iso files from microsoft website.
In this article,i will show you how you can install windows OS on your PC from iso files.

For installing of windows setup in your other PC.
First, you need to make bootable pen drive with the help of iso files.You can easily do this process for downloading software.

I am going to teach you how to make bootable pen drive in two methods and these methods are.
1.Windows USB/DVD Download Tool
You can Choose any of this methods that you can easily make bootable
pen-drive on your computer in just a few minute

Let Get Started 

1.Windows USB/DVD Download Tool
Windows USB/DVD Download Tool is an official Tool from microsoft for creating bootable flash drives from your ISO
image.This is a simple tool and you can easily install the setup in this software on your computer and make a bootable window
pen-drive from this software.You can download the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool Here

Step 1:Make sure you have a correct window 7 or window 10 iso files

Step  2: Open Windows USB/DVD Download Tool on your PC
Step  3:Click on Browser button and find your window 7 or 10 ISO files.

Step  4: Now click on the nest button.
Step 5:Select USB/DVD in the next step.
Step 6:Now insert your pen-drive in PC and select your Pen-drive.(Make sure your pen-drive size is at least 8GB) .

Step 7:Click on Begin copying and it will take some time for finishing the process.
                               We are done with Windows USB/DVD Download Tool method
2. PowerISO 
well, i really like PowerISO method for creating bootable pen-drive  from ISO image.
 This is simple and works in all  OS.Sometimes Windows USB/DVD Download Tool ask for installing.net 4.5.
 But PowerISO never asks for anything.

You can Download PowerISO from its Official website and start the process for making bootable pendrive from ISO images.

                                           Download PowerISO
Step 1:Open PowerISO program on your computer and Run as Administrator.

Step 2 : Click on Continue Unregistered in PowerISO.

Step 3: Click on Tool section an select Create Bootable USB Drive.

Step 4: Find Your window setup ISO and select your pen-drive.Click on the
start button for starting the process of bootable pen-drive.

Step 5: Click on the Ok button and start this process.

 This process takes some time in making your pen-drive Bootable

NOTE: Restart your computer,go to BIOS  settings and change the boot order inside BIOS setting from CD/DVD to USB flash drive.