Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2016

Find Every bit of Info about any Medicine or Pill from Android Phone

You can also find medicine info about every medicine, tablets, syrup and injection in your android phone. Here we collect some best android apps that tells you every bit of info about any medicine that you buy from medical store. You just need to download these app and you can find everything. If you are doctor and medical students these android apps helps you lot in your research and your work.   Basically I written this article for my blog readers , who want some amazing android  apps that helps him to finding a medicine info from android phone.

Find Every bit of Information about any Medicine or Pill from Android Phone

1.  Healthkart Plus

Healthkart Plus is one of my favourite for finding more about any medicine. You can get every bit of details of any medicine from this medical android app. You can also know medicines side effects and generic substitutes from this app.
Other Features
– Substitutes: Medicines with the same composition can be made by different manufacturers. Some may be 90% cheaper than what you’re prescribed.
– Information: Know about typical ailments a medicine is prescribed for and understand its action on your body.

2. Medscape

Medscape is another amazing app but you find lots of things related to medical field. You can get lots of latest news, papers related to medical research and medicines. If you are a doctor or medical students , you must need to download this app. Here you find largest database of drug information info and symptoms. Medical Calculator for measuring unit and dosage.

3. Medication Guide

Drugs is com yet another app but the reason I like this app is feature of pill identifier. You can find info about any pill medicine from this app. You just need to define color, shape and Imprint Codes and you get all info about any pill. Rather than Pill Identifier you get lots of info about medical field from this android app. You can also get all this info on this app website

4. Instant Heart Rate Monitor

Measure your heart beat rate from your android phone camera. You just need to put your thumb in your android phone camera. You can measure your heart beat rate in real-time from this amazing android app.


I think these apps are more enough for you guys. I don’t make a list of top 10 android apps. Here I only post only useful android apps that helps you finding more about any medicine.