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3 Cashout Method Carders Should Know

This is one of the most frequent methods used by experienced carders. There are three cash out methods will be discussed in this article and will explain in simple term:


What you need: IBAN/Credit-Card (CC)
  1. Set up a real Paypal account using your real a credit card (Verified).
  2. Get an anonymous SIM card
  3. Register yourself to liqpay
  4. From Paypal account create a donation button
  5. Using CC's deposit some money using the donation button. (my advice is not much from
    each card, around £20/30 per card is good)
  6. Now buy bitcoins using the PayPal card by liqpay
  7. Transfer your money to your BTC address


What you need: A bunch of SIM cards
  1. Check if your SIM card is refillable online. If so then go on.
  2. Now fill your SIM cards using CC's. Its better to do different refills of low amounts.
  3. Now subscribe a wallet on blockchain.info (use tor!!)
  4. Now make an instant deposit by telephone:
  5. select country.
  6. select big amount.
  7. select payphone way.
  8. call and wait.
  9. Good! You now have your BTC in your wallet, you can easily transfer to your address and spend them. 
I tried this using a Polish SIM card. This way has high fees but has highest success rate.


To do this you need an initial investment of 2 BTC.
  1. Go to https://www.switchpoker.com/en and register an a REAL account for you.
  2. Refill that account using 2 BTC.
  3. When asked use REAL information of yourself.
  4. Now register a second FAKE account using CC information (use tor!)
  5. Refill fake account with CC information.
  6. Now, using tor and you normal browser, play the 2 accounts against each other and win on real account.
  7. Do some real play to avoid suspicion on real account.
  8. After couple of days withdraw your winnings.
  9. You have 50% chance of being asked for ID when you withdraw, send it without problem as you won this money legally ;)

Anonymizer through Socks Proxies


SOCKS is a protocol that is intended to act a circuit level proxy for applications. It is very different from ‘normal’ proxy because they are application proxies. For example, when you use a HTTP proxy you are actually forwarding the HTTP request, and the HTTP proxy server then performs the request on your behalf. An example of this would be asking someone to pass you the salt at the dinner table, who then gets the salt shaker, and passes it to you.

The purpose of carders using proxy servers (Socks) is to conceal the users identity, or to spoof a certain geo-location (so for example hackers in London, UK spoof his location as web browser showing he is in New York, USA so he can cashout USA victim's bank account). 


We have been listening to the our community and made us realize that you guys have been in desperate need of some solid advice about Socks Proxies. For this reason we are introducing Wicky Bay’s very own section on the Best Proxy Providers so you can finally have some unbiased information to help you decide what is the best proxy for you to have the ultimate location spoof-er.
  1. VIP72 - http://www.vip72.com
    • Overall Rating: 1/5 (Security Warning)
    • Selection: VIP72 has more than 25,000 IPs from over 130 countries 
    • User- Friendly: VIP72 come with pre-configured proxifer and it is very easy to use
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality: 60% of proxies are blacklisted and VIP72 has been watched by many Antivirus companies and security companies due to it's popularity
    • Comment: One of the most uses sock proxy providers in darknet. It was said that this is the must have subscriber for all carders. However, due to it's popularity, it has been watched by many entities recently. For example, check the news here
    • Price: Price start from 3 USD per 2 days for 10 socks, and USD 30 per 30 days for 250 socks
    • NOTE: The reason we have this in our list is to make public awareness of VIP72 because it had been the most widely use in the clean-net, dark-net.
  2. Luxury Socks - https://luxsocks.su
    • Rate: 4/5
    • Selection: Luxury socks has more than 25,000 proxies all over the world
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy. 
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality:  Only 10-20% of the socks are blacklisted and discovered by security companies. However, this number is still acceptable and most of the time you get a good socks from them. 
    • Comment: One of the most popular sock proxy providers in darknet after VIP72. It is flexible where you buy when you need it (no monthly subscription). You can also buy-off a proxy for your only usage on the proxy. 
    • Price: Price start from USD 0.10 per proxy
  3. iSocks - https://isocks.biz
    • Rate: 4/5
    • Selection: iSocks has more than 60,000 IPs from over 130 countries 
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy. 
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality: Less than 10% only of the socks are blacklisted and all proxies consider great quality.
    • Price: Price start from USD 7 per 10 days for 20 socks
  4. Buy Proxy - http://buyproxy.ru
    • Rate: 3/5
    • Selection: Buy Proxy has around 2500 socks and 5000 public proxies socks over the world. 
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy.  Buy Proxy also has it's own tool helping user to configure their proxy
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality:  About 30-35% of the socks are blacklisted and discovered by security companies. However, this number is still acceptable and most of the time you get a good socks from them. 
    • Comment: The proxies is relatively cheap considering it provides you private proxy and is good for someone who start carding.  
    • Price: Price start from USD 9.99 per month to access all proxies
  5. Super Socks - http://www.super-socks.com/
    • Rate: 3/5
    • Selection: Super Socks has around 2500 socks over the world
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality: Less than 25% only of the socks are blacklisted and all proxies consider great quality.
    • Comment: One of the proxy providers largely recommend by carders that they provide good quality proxies  
    • Price: Price start from $0.20 per proxy
  6. True Socks - http://www.truesocks.net
    • Rate: 3/5
    • Selection: True Socks has over 5000 socks over the world
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality: Less than 15% only of the socks are blacklisted and all proxies consider great quality.
    • Comment: This socks proxy provider is by invitation only. You may contact them to get invited
    • Price: Price start from $1.00 per proxy
  7. Best Proxy VPN - https://www.bestproxyandvpn.com
    • Rate: 3/5
    • Selection: Best Proxy VPN  has less than 100 socks over the world
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy
    • Speed: Fast
    • Quality: All socks are good in quality and only use by yourself.
    • Comment: Best Proxy VPN only sells premium private proxy and therefore the proxy you get is 100% whitelisted. It is good if you would like to create accounts such as Paypal or online wallet accounts.
    • Price: Price start from USD 4.99 per proxy per month
  8. BCPRX - http://www.bcprx.net
    • Rate: 3/5
    • Selection: BCPRX  has over 1100 socks over the world, majority being United States, follow by Franch and United Kingdom. 
    • User- Friendly: User required to know how to update the network setting in proxy manager or internet browser in order to use this proxy.  Buy Proxy also has it's own tool helping user to configure their proxy
    • Speed: It various from slow to medium range
    • Quality:  About less than 15% of the socks are blacklisted and discovered by security companies. Overall they provide a good quality proxy service. 
    • Comment: .  They provides fresh proxy meaning only without sharing to other people. You may see global used counter and select virgin proxies for your usage.
    • Price: Price start from USD 100 per month for 120 proxies.

Please refer to this link if you would like to use proxy manger to manage and configure your socks proxies.

How to bypass Paypal Phone Verification

This method was provided by Leon248, who is one of the darknet vendors who sell verified Paypal Account:


So lets get started This is how I verify all my Paypal phone numbers and this method is still working as of today. And one of the beautiful things is, this method will not be saturated.

To verify a Paypal phone number, I generate a phone number to match the Paypal profile. Let’s say if the profile is for an account in U.S.A, California, Los Angeles, then I generate a phone number with a Los Angeles area code. After generating the number, I add it to the Paypal account. I then create a ticket to have Paypal call me, or if you have a smartphone, you can set it up to make calls with the generated number to call the Paypal support line. The reason for this is because the source that I get the number from does not receive Paypal SMS anymore. At one point they did, but that has stopped working since the beginning of this year, so I had to get creative.

I can have Paypal call me with the number I generated because I will forward the calls to any mobile or landline of my choice, or if you have enough credit added into the sources system along with a smart phone, you can setup the generated number to be able to make calls with your generated number from your smart phone. The best part about this source, when you make a call from your smartphone, the number you generated will show up on any Caller ID. You can be anywhere in the world with your smartphone and the generated number will be what whoever you call will see, and you can still receive calls from that number. With PayPal customer service, the number that will appear to them in their system is the generated number.


Once you get them on the phone, just tell them you’re trying to do your phone verification and the site kept freezing on you at the point where you’re supposed to click to get SMS text, so instead you called and also sent a ticket for support.

NOTE: Remember to send them a ticket on the Paypal website.

They will then check to see the number your calling from or the number they called to reach you and that should take care of the phone verification

Simple Right? Well that’s all it takes and I get my numbers generated quick.


After creating a Paypal account with the information that I want, I then go to sonetel.com and generate a phone number for the Paypal profile. Once you get to sonetel.com, create a profile for yourself.


Sonetel allows you to try them out with a random number. They’ll generate a number for you to see how there system works. When creating a profile under sonetels system, you can put your real information or whatever information you want. I haven’t had to do any verification with them, except when paying with a credit card. If you fund your sonetel account with a credit card, they will ask for information of the credit card holder.

You can fund your sonetel account with either $5,$10,$25 and so on. Funding the sonetel account gives you credit to either make calls or receive calls with the number or numbers your using. If your sonetel account is with a $0 balance or a negative balance, DO NOT expect to receive or make calls with your sonetel account. You can have unlimited amounts of numbers in your profile, each number can be forwarded to any phone that you chose. You also have the option to direct calls to a voice mail or an answering service.

The easiest way to answer incoming calls to your sonetel phone numbers is to have them forwarded to your regular mobile phone number.

Advanced users can also use a wide range of software and desktop phones to answer calls. All your phones will ring at the same time when there is a call for you.

Sonetel can be found and configured for the following mobile app stores. iPhone and Android and Windows apps.

Carding Amazon

Well I'll explain them through two methods I always use. And things you need are: 
  1. CVV2 to address, Full Name, Phone, Zip, City, and State of the cc. 
  2. You need a sock 4 or 5 which is the state of the CC (I hope the city) and this sock must never have used before to create an amazon account.  
  3. You need a program to clean up cookies, I will let you know at the end of the guide. 

The First Method

Well, first go to Amazon . Then create an account using the sock. Now you have to act like a normal buyer. Amazon will review everything although it seems stupid, but it is something we need to do to card Amazon. Now, sign out and logging back in few hours. This time, you will need to clear everything in the shopping cart - this is how every new buyer likely to do and you will have to act like them. Now, here we go for the first carding session. For first time, you need to add items that total sum up in between $30 to $100. 

Use your CC to pay items in Amazon. At this point, you probably need to wait for Amazon to approve your order. Wait for 5 minutes and you will need to send an email to Amazon support telling them that you need the item as soon as possible because your child .... (just give a reasonable reason) for them to speed up the order.

Depend on what time it is, usually they will get back to you very soon - "We will quickly look into your order and have it sent. If they telling you that they need to call the number of the account, you need to make sure the luck is with you that no one is answering the phone, then you can tell them that you changed the phone but haven't updated with CC, and have them call your another phone.  

After the first one, you account will become more trust-able and now you can place an order in between $500-$800. Now, get a Fresh CC and card it once again until your account was banned or blocked. Try to stay below $2000 every time you try to card the item.

The Second Method

Well same as above, you will need to create an account using the sock. This method is easier and I use it often. However, it is less effective compared to the first method. 

First, buy a very cheap item that cost around $2.00 (Sometime, it is very important not to ask for quick delivery - i.e. Next Day Delivery). Try to ask for cheapest and slowest delivery this time. And once your order was approved, similar to first method, your account become trust-able. 

I recommend using FedEx as your shipping method because it has less security compared to UPS. 

Once it is done, you can start carding at the range of $600-$800. At any time, I do not recommend you to order things in between $200 - $500 because it is more suspicious to Amazon. 

NOTE: If you able to find Amazon account seller, it is better because that account is already a trust-able account and it will helps you card successfully. 

Very Important: 

You need to clean up your PC, Flash cookies, MAC address, everything!. Here is the program to clean Flash cookies: http://www.flashcookiecleaner.com/

How to Become a Pro Carder

This is the most basic in carding but it took a long journey for anyone to become Pro Carder here. Everyone carder start out hard and most of them invest quite some money to get started - from buying tutorials, buying the materials - CVV, carding tools and scammed by other people. In this site, we are collecting and publishing most of the tutorials in clean net and dark net, so you do not need to buy. However, we also selling some of our private guide (which we have been using our ourselves proved working).

To become pro carder, here is what you must need:
  1. CClearner - to clean your cache
  2. Socks 5 IP Address
  3. VPN/ RDP
  4. A list of working emails - GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook (created your own)
  5. Virtual Machine - Virtual Box or VMWare Workstation
  6. CVV or Accounts
  7. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools - FraudFox / AntiDetect Browsers

For anything you wan to card or purchase, the procedure is always same:
  1. Have your CVV and Account Detail ready, check the location (City and Country)
  2. Run VPN - Select the same country and closest city possible
  3. Run Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) with Window Installed
  4. Run Sock5 through Proxy Manager and locate the location of the victim or the nearest city possible
  5. Double check your IP is not blacklisted (BL Check) 
  6. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools (FraudFox / AntiDetect)
  7. Configure the User Agent/ Finger print Spoofing tools
  8. Change your system time that match your victim time zone
  9. Use CClearner to clean all existing cache
  10. Clear the DNS cache by go to Run>type "CMD">enter the command "ipconfig/flushdns"
  11. Launch the Internet Browser (FireFox)
  12. Check your identity at Whoer or Check2IP to make sure all your information are correct.
  13. Start your carding
  14. In the middle, you might need email address for user information, use the common email such as GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook mail and fill in carder's information
  15. And you are done!
The steps above are applying to anything you want to card, you may also find many free tutorials in this site to give you an idea what you can buy. 

Happy Carding! Source: WickyBay

Three Methods to Cashout on Credit Card by AB Starbuck and NinjaFrog

Editor Note: VirWox wised up to this method and started forcing users to validate their SL avatars .. Thought I'd tidy this up a bit with a noob-friendly tutorial on how to buy bitcoins with a CVV through VirWox.


What you need?
  • Valid CVV (any country will do)
  • Clean Socks5 proxy as close as possible to cardholder's address
  • Good DNS setup
Ok lets get started. You'll need an email account. Go create a new one at yahoo/ gmail /whatever ..... doesn't matter which (i wouldn't use tormail for this......too much of red flags). Go to VirWox, and create a new account using the email you just set up and the name on the CVV. Just make up a fake SL and you don't need to validate it. You will then have to confirm your avatar - new account by retrieving the temp password from your email. First thing to do in VirWox is change your password in the "Change Settings" tab on the left. 

Now we're ready to do some carding. Click"deposit" and scroll down to the Skrill (Moneybookers) option. Then enter the max amount for the currency of 1 your card (currently $56 for USA cards) and click the Moneybookers logo.

If you have NoScript installed you will have to temporarily allow all this page. Enter the details you have for the CVV and make up a fake date of birth if you don't have a genuine one. If all goes well, you will then be taken back to the main page with your USD/EUR/GBP balance filled.

On the "exchange" menu left of screen choose USD/SLL to convert to Linden $$, then BTC/SLL to convert to bitcoin.

Now withdraw. Easy Profit.

Note: Typically VirWox hold funds for 48 hours before releasing. You can process payments a total of 3 times with each card - one transaction every 24hours.

METHOD 2: CC > Moneygram > BTC

If you have fullz (ssn, dob, etc) you can try cashing out through Moneygram. To do this, just go to site and sign up for an account under the cardholders name. Be sure to change a regional socks5 with your  VPN connection so you appear to be from the same country that the cardholder is in. Select Same Day service. It will prompt you for the card details, dob, and the last 4 digits of the ssn. I would suggest running this name through a background check (any background search site will do) in case you have to answer a security question to send the funds over. Don't try to send over too much. If you accidentally go over the limit or try to send a suspicious amount you risk flagging the account. No more than $300 from each CC. If everything goes smoothly you can try exchanging through Best-Exchange Site for bitcoins. 

METHOD 3: CC > Forex > BTC

The process is actually really simple. I was surprised to find This Site. Kinda found it by accident actually. Using a foreign currency exchange site to change money on a credit card into a foreign currency and to wire transfer the money into a bank account.

In this case, the bank account is at Here and the process goes as follows:
  1. Make an email account anywhere.
  2. Make an account at Here
  3. Make an account at Here. (all account info in the name of the CC holder).
  4. In this site, add account details, addy, card number, wire info.
  5. Make a transfer.
Process takes 3- 5 business days...  It turns a CC transaction into a wire transfer so it takes a couple days... (Note: in the interest of speed and not getting the transaction reversed, Monday/Tuesday is the best day to start the transaction)

Once the money is in the account, turn it into bitcoins as quickly as possible and move it into your other bit wallets. Wash the coins if necessary...

Easy huh?

Already pulled it off once. 400GBP through a Blockchain Wallet without any issues. Rationalfx does not seem to have any real safeguards in place. Tor works fine there (though it is best to use an exit node wherever your card holder lives). When I was testing it first with a visa, it told me 3 times in a row that the transfer failed. I lowered the amount each time and tried again. After the 3rd time it went through but I didn't have the Verified by Visa password so I couldn't continue. BOTH Visa AND MC , it seems, will pop up with a verification thingy if its enabled on the card. (Usually US/UK cards) Make sure when you deposit to Here you include the account identification info for that spacific account. You can find it on the 'funding options' - get your money.. So there you have it. Its simple as pie.. This is not 100% of the info but ya'll can figure out the rest..

5 business days... It turns a cc transaction into a wire > 'Bank wire' page... If you forget that info you wont get your money.. So there you have it. Its simple as pie.. This is not 100% of the info but you'll can figure out the rest..

Credit: This method was provided by AB Starbucks and NinjaFrog

List of Cardable Sites since 2015

Here are the list collected by Card-mimi on his experiences on sites that is card-able. You may find these sites useful for you if you always lost your way on finding a place to make the fortune. 

Gift Cards

GiftCards - http://www.giftcards.com/
CardHub - http://www.cardhub.com/us/gift-cards/
EGolderStore- http://www.egolder.com/en/
CardCash - https://www.cardcash.com/buy-gift-cards/


TechBuy - http://www.techbuy.com.au/
  • Need a paid email (from a webserver) can't use free webmails,Computers, Camera's, Software, need Australian ccv.

BuyMac - http://www.buymac.com.au/
  • cc name + billing=ship - They can post slow.. Apple Products

Wallmart- http://www.walmart.com/
  • Electrnoics - Bypass verification by using Amex cards

WellGoodStuff - http://www.wellcoolstuff.com/
  • Lots druggie stuff tshirts, joke stuff ships to USA, Australia, Europe - Make fake id's can card using USA cc without cvv – bill=ship

WhiskyFr - http://www.whisky.fr/
  • bill=ship Whisky ships within 3 days only to Europe.

Sendit - http://www.sendit.com/
  • bill=ship - dvd's, cd's – worldwide

BarronSeduc - http://barronseduc.com/
  • bill=ship no cvv worldwide – Books

RoadrunnerSports - http://www.roadrunnersports.com/
  • bill=ship worldwide - sport shoes

Celluloco - http://www.celluloco.com/
  • bill=ship worldwide - Mobiles HTC, Blackberries

BuyRadarDetectors - http://www.buyradardetectors.com/
  • Same Bill/Ship - Worldwide reply to emails

HMV - http://www.hmv.com/
  • worldwide fedex 3day ship - bill=ship no cvv only use International CC

TCCQuatar - http://www.tcc-qatar.com/
  • Electronic Very good Site, Ship Worldwide, CC only no AVS reply to emails

Rugift - http://www.rugift.com/
  • worldwide - bill=ship, Camera Lens, Night Vision stuff pretty sweet.

WindPowerSports - http://www.windpowersports.com/
  • worldwide bill=ship, kites

Ronjo - http://www.ronjo.com/
  • bill=ship worldwide - magic store

RadarBusters - http://www.radarbusters.com/
  • bill=ship worldwide fast delivery..large store lots things

Hayneedle - http://www.hayneedle.com/
  • bill=ship worldwide fast delivery very easy

Yesasia - http://www.yesasia.com/
  • Consoles bill=ship worldwide needs cc statement

ALittleLuxury - http://www.alittleluxury.com.au/
  • Ships Australia only, Alchohol and hampers bill=ship need good cvv.

GoldMine - https://www.goldenmine.com/
  • worldwide, bill=ship good cvv, gold jewelry

IMC - http://www.lmc.com.au/
  • Australia Only - bill=ship, best use aussie cvv but can use USA, will need phone verify and good cvv – Electronics

GriffinTechnolgy - https://griffintechnology.com/
  • worldwide, fast ship use any number for cvv, bill=ship - computer, ipod, ipad..cases, cords.

UhrBox - http://www.uhrbox.de/
  • worldwide, bill=ship – watches

ClonCom - http://www.cloncom.com/
  • Phone Cards..instant pin via email - there is a 50% chance you will need to phone verify – bill=ship

Divineo - http://mag.divineo.cn/magento/
  • Consoles - ship=bill worldwide will need phone verify

Panasonic - http://shop.panasonic.com/
  • Electronics - worldwide just stay under $400 if anymore will need phone verify, bill=ship

Apple - http://www.apple.com/
  • Easy will need phone verify or cc scan/cc statement if you go above $350 - bill=ship.. Its best to use Aussie cvv for apple Australia.

Occhialissimi - http://www.occhialissimi.it/home/it.aspx
  • Sunglasses Italian brands - worldwide no verification needed – bill=ship

Addr - http://www.addr.com/
  • VERY EASY cardable hosting - they don't take down... any cvv..try use these (visa 965 or 029, master 517 or 519)

Neato - https://www.neatorobotics.com/
  • Worldwide Blank cd's, dvd's, duplication hardware, ship=bill

Innovations - http://www.innovations.com.au/
  • Misc Stuff put shipping address in billing address

Samples4 - http://www.samples4.com/
  • Audio Stuff, put shipping address in billing address

Send2Fax - http://www.send2fax.com/
  • Service to send fax anywhere – bill=ship

LandSend - http://www.landsend.com/
  • clothing - buy gift certificate and buy clothes with gift certificate.

ElectricBoutique - http://www.electriqueboutique.com/
  • Female Clubwear, swimwear - bill=ship worldwide

BullGaurd - http://www.bullguard.com/
  • CCV (Any / Visa / Mastercard / Jcb) , Socks of the Country any Socks of USA Example

WhiskyGalore - http://www.whiskygalore.co.nz/
  • Request: CCN ( Non cvv) + Socks .Bill different from ship - ship worldwide

ChampagneGallery - http://www.champagnegallery.com.au/
  • Any name for cc, best to use Australian ccv but I am sure you could use the same or near same country as the cc..so if your shipping to Europe try use a euro ccv. billing=shipping, select email me and untick call me. It charges the card straight away.

WorldImport -http://www.world-import.com/
  • Worldwide ship - bill=ship - need phone verify or cc scan.

Transparent - http://www.transparent.com/personal/
  • CCN no ccv, any IP, any name, fake billing address of same country as card.

RiftGame - http://www.trionworlds.com/rift/en/
  • Don't need socks, any ccv, any billing/shipping address - they dont post out anything its all sent via email.

GetPebble - https://www.pebble.com/
  • Working 100% Accept CC only

Tmart - http://www.tmart.com/
  • Accept Paypal